Wish for Porn High is a series of captions in which Dean has used one of his three wishes to “be the principle at a porn parody version of his high school”.

The first post in this series is here. All stories in the serires tagged here.

Note, all characters depeicted are over 18. The wish made all the students into adults, as all porn parody actresses are adults in these films.

“Like, hurry up Tammy, I think I hear someone coming!” Daisy said to her brunette friend as she looked up yet another word in the dictionary they’d brought with them.

They weren’t supposed to be in the locker room, let alone reading the football teams playbook, and if they got caught there would be hell to pay for sure!

Especially since they didn’t even go to this high school! Instead they both attended the competing academy on the other side of town and they’d been sent to spy on the football team’s plans as they were getting tired of always loosing to them.

“Ok, ok, I’ve got it, like, it means ‘a minor battle’ or ‘a confused fight’!” Tammy exclaimed and then looked over to the playbook once more.

giggle Like, cool! I totally get the confused part… giggle

Tammy rolled her eyes and then pointed and the playbook again, “Come on Daisy, focus!”

But it was too late as suddenly they both heard footsteps approach and looked up to see Principal Hardcock standing in the locker room doorway.

“And what are you two girls doing back here?” he asked accusingly with a raised eyebrow.

Tammy’s mouth hung open, but Daisy reacted by slapping the playbook closed and tucking it under her bum as she pushed her chest out and swayed back and forth a bit, “Like, just studying Principal Hardcock!”

Tammy pushed the dictionary between them and they both pretended to study it. Principal Hardcock was not having though and he walked right up to them and leaned over.

“Studying the… dictionary… in the locker room… with…” he said as he leaned over just a bit more and reached under Daisy’s ass and yanked the playbook out from under her, “…the coach’s playbook under your ass?”

This time Tammy reacted first, “Oh my god Daisy! What are you doing with that?”

Daisy’s eyes widened in disbelief as her friend threw her under the bus, “Like, oh my god Tammy! I was totally your idea to come and steal the playbook from…” she snapped her jaw shut realizing she’d just incriminated them both.

Tammy glared daggers at Daisy and then they both turned back to Principal Hardcock and bowed their heads.

“You’re not even from this school are you?” he asked.

They both sheepishly shook their heads.

“Well, no matter.” he said as he walked over to the coach’s office and replaced the playbook on his desk.

He returned to the two girls sitting on the bench and crossed his arms, gently stroking his chin for a moment.

“Girls, I think you know what this means. Assume the position.” he finally said and let his arms drop to his sides.

Both of their shoulders slumped as the let out a deep breath, “Yes Principal Hardcock.” they both said in unison.

The both stood up, turned around and lowered themselves to their knees, then bent over the bench they had just been sitting on. They pushed their butts into the air before flipping their skirts up and on to their lower backs to reveal their bare asses.

Tammy felt the sting of the slap first, “I’m sorry Principal Hardcock!” she yelped out.

Daisy felt it a moment later, “I’m sorry Principal Hardcock!” she echoed.

slap slap

“I was a bad girl Principal Hardcock!” their voices said just slighly out of sync with each other.

slap slap

“Please forgive me Principal Hardcock!”

slap slap

Daisy was the first to moan, her pussy having moistened after the send slap had landed.

moan I promise to be a goooooddddd ggggiiiiirrrrlllll Principal Hardcock!” Daisy said.

“I promise to be a good girl Principal Hardcock.” Tammy said, finishing sooner than her friend.

slap slap

“Oh god Principal Hardcock, I’ll be such a good girl for you… moan” Daisy said.

moan Puh… puh… please Principal Hardcock… sp… spank… spank me harder…” Tammy said, quickly surpassing her friend.

slap slap

Daisy couldn’t take it any more, she turned her head to Tammy and kissed her full on the mouth, her friends lips eagerly receiving her own as they both moaned through it.

slap slap

slap slap

slap slap

slap slap

It wasn’t long before Daisy felt Principal Hardcock’s dick slip in to her dripping wet pussy and she broke off the kiss wtih Tammy.

“Oh my god yes! Yes! YES!” Daisy cried out to the sight of Tammy’s crestfallen face. It didn’t last long though as Daisy heard another slap land on Tammy’s ass and her friends face lit up and she moaned eagerly.

It was only a few minutes later that Daisy cried out in a screaming orgasm as Principal Hardcock unloaded inside of her and she slumped over the bench. Tammy pushed herself back and got down on to her knees, eagerly lapping at Principal Hardcock’s member for any last drops of cum that she could coax from him.

When Tammy was done, she did the same with Daisy pussy, Tammy’s tongue probing deep in to Daisy to get at his man juice.

“Alright ladies, have you learned your lesson?” Principal Hardcock asked of the two spent girls in front of him, having put his member away.

“Yes Principal Hardcock!” the said in unison once more.

“Good. Now…” he said, pulling several sheets of paper from his inner jacket pocket and handed them to Tammy, “…make sure and give these ‘plans’ to your coach before the next game.”

giggle Like, ok.” Tammy replied, taking them from him.

Principal Hardcock turned and started to walk away, then stopped and half turned back to them, “Oh, and next time girls… just drop by my office and we’ll skip right to your punishment. Got it?”

Both girls nearly broke down in a fit of giggles but managed to nod their heads before he left.

Daisy turned to Tammy, “Uhm, like Tammy…”

“Yeah Daisy?”

“Like, when is the next game?”

“Ugh… I think in two weeks…”

Daisy pouted a bit, “Like, do you think we could try and ‘steal’ the playbook earlier than that?”

Tammy let out a little laugh, “Yeah Daisy, like I think we can… but only if I totally get to fuck Principal Hardcock this time… ok?”

They both giggled and kissed and then stood up and headed towards the bathrooms to cleanup before heading back to their own academy.