A hands on kind of leader...

Wednesday July 14, 2021

Sandra couldn’t believe it had worked, who would have before seeing it with her own eyes after all, an actual honest to god wish.

Her wish had been simple, “I want to be a successful business woman.”

It was simple and straight forward, and she’d been struggling with her fashion business since sh graduated college. Now though, after the wish, she was successful beyond her wildest dreams. She was currently walking up to her small store, or what had been her small store, where the entire building was now plastered with her businesses name across it!

So what if her new, successful, designs were more risky than the old comfortable ones she had done before? If that was what it took to be successful, than that is what she would do.

She walked in to the front doors and as soon as she did the receptionist smiled and greeted her, “Hello Miss Ingels, can I get you a coffee or something?”

She recognized the skinny white woman behind the desk, it was Tracy Templeton, the daughter of her landlord for her small shop. Tracy liked to drop by with her “friends” and talk down to Sandra and belittle her work. Now she was all smiles and sweetness.

“No Tracy, not at the moment.” she replied and hurried past her towards her office.

Sandra rubbed her head, it was well past 8 pm and she still had hours of work to do. She’d never imagined having a successful business would take up so much of her time!

It had been a week since she’d make her first wish and she’d reveled in it for the first day or so, but now she was realizing that this wasn’t what she wanted after all.

She pulled out the small talisman from her purse and held it firmly in her hand in front of her, she closed her eyes and focused on it just like the old man in the shop had told her to.

“I wish I had more free time to enjoy myself.”

Sandra tilted her sun glasses down her face as she looked out over the beach and smiled. The sun felt so good on her and she was so happy with the way her second wish had turned out.

Now that she had the perfect CEO to take care of the day to day operations of the business she could relax and take more time for herself. She walked across the sun soaked sand and stopped at her daybed and sat on the edge of it as she pulled her cover up off over her head, exposing her breasts to the mid-day sun.

She then leaned back and relaxed, tanning topless.

“Excuse me Miss Ingels, can I offer you a drink or something?” a voice she recognized asked and she looked up to see Tracy standing above her. The girl was a god send as a personal assistant, and Sandra had to admit she took some pleasure in ordering the girl around.

“No Tracy, not at the moment, but why don’t you grab the sunscreen and rub it in to my chest for me.”

Sandra smiled at the blush that came across Tracy’s face but the girl did what she was told anyway.

Sandra frowned as she spent yet another day in paradise. Oh, she was enjoying herself, that was for sure. But there was so little to do other than sit around and, well, enjoy herself. Even ordering Tracy around to run sunscreen on to her had gotten old after a couple of weeks. She had just been drifting through her life with no direction whatsoever.

Sandra knew she had to do something and told Tracy to go get her bag from the house. Tracy scurried back with it a few minutes later and Sandra then dismissed her.

She retrieved the talisman from her bag and once more held it out and focused, “I wish I had a better direction in life.”

“Alright Sandra, now just look a little to your right and see John standing there naked.” Tracy called out Sandra took the direction and her eyes widened as they made contact with John’s huge member.

“Ok, now rub that pussy and lick those lips as he starts to walk over…” Tracy continued and Sandra followed along.

By the time John had arrived in front of her, she needed no more direction, her pussy was dripping wet and her lips eagerly wrapped around him.

“That’s good Sandra, now take him in deeper and gag a little as you do.”

Sandra was so lucky to have Tracy directing her, she was the best director in the porn business. Sandra had been lucky to hire her away from her competition. After her fashion business had really taken off with the adult entertainers, getting in to the business had been a no brainier for Sandra.

Now she had one of the most successful porn studio’s on the west coast, and it hadn’t taken her long to realize the best was to take advantage of it was to star in the movies herself.

“Ok Sandra, pull back and slap your face with his cock a few times, then stand up and lean over gripping the pool ladder for support.”

Sandra did as she was directed and could hardly wait for what came next, it was the most enjoyable part of her job and since it only took a few hours to shoot a scene, she had lots of free time to enjoy herself afterwards.

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