“And exactly where do you think you’re going?” Tabitha asked as she pinned Daphene’s hands against the wall.

“I… I…” Daphene started to reply in a stutter but Tabitha was having none of it.

“Did Master give you permission to come downstairs?”

“Nn… no…”

“Did Master give you permission to leave the bedroom?”

“Nn… no…”

Tabitha rolled her eyes, pulled Daphene away from the wall and spun her around so she was facing up the stairs again.

“Then… slap… get that… slap… ass back… slap …up there! slap” Tabitha said as she slapped Daphene’s ass repeatedly.

Daphene finally got her ass moving with the final slap and pouted as she took each step back up and then disappeared in to the bedroom she’d left just a few moments ago.

Tabitha rolled her eyes and let out an exhausted sigh, dealing with new girls was always a lot of work for her. It wasn’t like she really had any more authority than any of Master’s other sluts, but she’d been here the longest so she kinda felt like she did.

As such, she make it her mission to make sure the new girls stayed in line whenever Master brought one home. Daphene had arrived just three days ago and had been a problem since the second she stepped foot in side the house. Not that it was unusual, most girls who came in to the house for the first time acted entitled, after all they’d just been selected by Master to be his newest fuck toy and how couldn’t that make someone feel special?

But usually after the first time they watched Master fuck one, or more, of the other girls in the house, they quickly realized they weren’t that special after all. Daphene though, persisted.

Perhaps it was because she had been some high flying politician before she arrived, or maybe it was her multiple degree’s from Ivy league universities, but whatever it was, it was starting to annoy Tabitha.

A wicked smile crossed her lips and she wiggled her ass in to the study where Master was working. She went right up to the side of his desk, knelt down, folded her hands in front of her and bowed her head.

“Master, may I speak?” she asked in a reverent tone.

He looked up from his computer and then down on to the top of her head, “You may.”

“Thank you Master. It’s about Daphene… she remains… willful.”

Master reached down and stroked her hair as he replied, “Yes, I noticed that. You have a suggestion to make?”

Her smiled broadened, Master was so smart, always two steps ahead, “Yes Master. Could I borrow Jessica and Veronica for a while?”

Master let out a chuckle, Jessica and Veronica had been die hard lesbians before meeting Master. Perhaps they still were in every regard except to Master, and it wasn’t like any of the other girls, herself included, didn’t enjoy licking pussy just as much as they did.

“You certainly don’t waste time, going straight for the jugular as always.”

It was a reference to her old life, when she’d been a district attorney known for never cutting deals, closing cases, and her high conviction rate.

“Yes Master.”

“Fine. But try not to completely break her to the point where I’ll have to rebuild her mind.”

“Of course Master.”

Master patted her on her head a couple times and then turned back to his computer and she shuffled back and turned before standing up and walked out of the study. Her mind was already upstairs in the toy room, picking out the three strap-ons that she’d need, along with several restraints.

Tabitha wondered exactly how much it would take to break Daphene and just hoped she wouldn’t disappoint Master and go too far.