Shelia tugged at the hat but it just wouldn’t budge, it was like it was super-glued to her scalp, even though she knew it wasn’t.

Giving up she reached down and and behind her to the strings that held the corset so tightly around her waist. She tried as hard as she could, but her fingers wouldn’t obey her and untie that knot that held it all in place.

It was just like the dozens of other things her body had refused to do, or did on it’s own, over the last hour since the hat had been placed on her head.

Letting her arms drop to her sides she tried to take a deep breath but found it impossible. She could see the man that had dropped the hat on her head working behind the cameras, setting things up, getting ready for whatever was next, and for some reason that caused her pussy to tingle.

“Alright, all ready to go now.” he said and walked up to the camera that was point right at her.

“Why don’t you clasp those hands behind your back.” he said and her hands instantly did so.

flash flash flash

“No lean forward a bit…”

flash flash flash

God why was her pussy getting wetter by the second? She shouldn’t be enjoying this!

“Lick those lips a little…”

flash flash flash

“Now place your hands on your ass…”

flash flash flash

Her lower lip quivered, it was like each time the flash went off someone was licking at her pussy.

“Now turn around and give that ass a little wiggle…”

flash flash flash

flash flash flash

flash flash flash

She let out a gasp and moan.

“That’s it, that’s perfect. Now spread those ass cheeks for me…”

flash flash flash

“That’s good, hold them just like that…” he said and she heard him walk out from behind the camera and right up to where she was standing.

flash flash flash

His hand gripped her hips and she moaned even louder.

flash flash flash

His dick pushed up against her pussy and she could do nothing but whimper.

flash flash flash

Moments later she felt his hot seed flow in to her and her own orgasm crested.

Shelia stood at the edge of the party and blinked several times before recognizing the constriction around her waist. Her hands reached down and around the narrowness of her midsection and she felt the unmistakable feeling of a corset.

When had she put a corset on? Did she even own one?

Before she could answer her own question her boyfriend appeared in front of her and smiled, “Hey babe… where did you disappear too? Oh! You must have gone home to change! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I… I… well…” she stuttered and just shrugged.

“Whatever, the party is starting to wind down anyway. Let’s say we head back home and have our own private party?” he said, raising his eyebrows several times.

A sudden warmth blossomed from her pussy and she smiled back at him, “Ok! Sounds good!”

There was just something about the thought of having sex while wearing the corset that excited her and she couldn’t wait to see what it was like.