Lori swiveled the chalk in to the end of her cue and looked directly at the man in front of her, “What did you say?”

“You heard me, I think you’re just hustling these guys with that low cut top. I’ve been watching you, you’re not bad, but you’re not that good either.”

She smiled, “Well then put your money where you mouth is…” she said and shrugged.

“Money is no problem for me… but I don’t think you’ve got enough to make it interesting.” he replied and pulled out a wade of hundred dollar bills that was way more than she could stake.

“So what are you suggesting then…” she replied with a raised eyebrow.

“Let’s make it something more… significant. If you beat me, I’ll guarantee you a spot on the professional circuit.”

Her eyes widened, she’d been trying to get on the circuit she knew what it was, but as good as she was, you needed sponsors to get there.

“And if I lose?”

This time it was him with the wicked grin across his lips, “Then I’m going to make you my horny little bimbo pool slut.”

She let out a laugh, “And exactly how are you going to do that?” she asked.

“Don’t worry about that, just know that I will. Now do we have a deal?” he asked and extended his hand.

She thought about it for just a second, what did she really have to lose? Then she reached out and shook his hand, a sharp jolt ran up her arm the instant she did and she almost pulled away, but his grip was too tight and then the jolt was gone.

Lori watched the final nine ball go down and she slumped her shoulders. She’d played the best pool of her life and it was still nowhere near good enough to beat the man she’d made the wager with. In the end she’d lost 9-3 in a straight race and she still couldn’t believe some of the shots the man had pulled off.

She set her cue to the side and then walked over to him, extending her hand to him, “Good match… you’re a better play than I’ve ever seen.”

He smiled and took her hand in to his, a jolt running up her arm again, but this time it didn’t disappear and instead made a beeline for her head.

“Like, oh my gosh! I made a ball! giggle” Lori squealed as she stood up and bounced up and down, sending her tits flying as well.

She wiggled her ass as she walked around the table to where the cue ball had ended up and leaned over once more to awkwardly bridge the cue.

Before she could though she felt hands grip her ass and she laid down on the pool table and moaned, “Mmmmm… Lucifer, are you gonna let me play with your stick and balls? giggle

Lucifer pulled her panties to the side to reveal her moist pussy, and the anal plug that was adorned with a nine ball. He rubbed the top of the plug with his thumb as he squeezed her ass with his other hand.

“Oh baby! Play with my nine ball! Play with it!” she squealed.

Then she felt him pushed up against her pussy lips and she flung her mass of blonde hair back, “Oh baby yes! Give me your stick! Right down to your balls baby!”

She squealed and wiggled and whimpered and rocked with each thrust until she finally felt him empty his balls inside of her and she cried out and collapsed on to the table as her orgasm crashed over her.

A smile crossed her lips and a giggle escaped them, if she’d know she was making a deal with the devil at the time she might not have done so. But now, with each new orgasm he gave her, she had no doubt that she make that deal again without hesitation.