Jennifer leaned on the desk, short of breath from the tight constrain of the corset that was beneath the latex of her outfit. She straightened her legs as best as she could, the heels pushing her ass up in to the air.

She heard Henry’s footsteps hit the hardwood floor as he walked in. She snapped her head back forward and titled it up until she was staring directly at the wall in front of her. A few steps later he was standing directly behind her.

His hands grabbed her ass and squeezed, then he slapped one, then the other.

“Coming along nicely Jennifer, how’s the corset training going?” he asked.

“It’s… it’s going well sir.” she replied between short breaths.

He chuckled, “I can see. A new notch on it today?”

“Yes… yes sir.”

His hands moved up over her ass to the corset, where he held them for a moment before continuing up and to the front of her and her breasts. He squeezed them for several moments before taking a half step forward, moving his hands to her shoulders and then dry humping her where she stood.

“Oh god sir…” she let out in gasps.

There was not point in denying it, she was desperate for him to fuck her. She had been going to the gym twice a day for the last three months because he’d told her he wouldn’t fuck her until she was in tip top shape.

And why should he? She’d seen him around at the most extravagant social functions, a different bombshell no his arm each time. Each one was an impossibility. Too thin, too thick, too… whatever to be real.

“Yes, not bad at all, you’re coming along well. I can see myself fucking you like this at some point. The ass is nice and firm, the waist is getting there… what about the tits?” he asked.

“They’re… they’re scheduled in two weeks sir.”

She of course now realized why all those other women that were with him seemed to good to be true. Because, well they were. He had done the same thing to them that he’d done to here, which she still couldn’t figure out what it was. But she knew the result, she need him to fuck her in the worst possible way.

Not just a “hey, I’m horny and need a good dicking”, but in an obsessive “hey, I need you’re dick inside of me and I’ll degrade and humiliate myself in any way you want to get it” kind of way.

He grabbed hold of her hair with his left hand and pulled her head back, then once more dry humped her, but this time using his right hand to smack her ass as he did so.

“Oh god! Fuck me! Fuck me sir!” she cried out, her need increasing with every moment until he finally let go and stepped back.

“Hummmm, not bad. You need to watch some porn though, find some nice degrading porn and learn some new lines. I want you to be talking like a $2 steet whore begging her pimp to fuck her when I finally do.”

“Yes sir… I’ll be… be you’re street whore…” she said weakly, clearly not know what to say.

“Good. I’ll be back in two weeks to check up on you again. Oh… and pick out a nice hooker name for yourself too. Jennifer just won’t do.” he said as he walked away and Jennifer let out a little whimper.

Not because she was unhappy, but because she knew she was getting close and the need was only growing stronger as she did.