“Oh my god Mr. Donald, I totally didn’t hear you come in! giggle” Vicky said and jiggled her tits from side to side a little.

I smiled, “That’s alright Vicky, is the room just about ready?” I asked and she smiled and nodded back to me.

“Like, yeppers Mr. Donald! And the new recruits are totally arriving in just a few secs! giggle

I let out a little chuckle that went straight over Vicky’s head, six months ago she’d been in a group of new recruits herself. Well, that wasn’t completely true, Special Agent Victoria Carter had been in the group. The eager young agent had been intent on “breaking” whatever illegal activity that was happening in his organization, which had made it easier to convert her.

She had been so distracted looking for the forest that she’d wandered right in to the trees. Just like the new recruits were now, she’d gone through the initial “orientation” that first morning, which weeded out the low quality recruits, and advanced on to the afternoon session in this very room.

The few new recruits that were left at the end of this part of the process were already firmly committed and Victoria had been no different. I could still remember the look in her eyes as she removed her glasses and flipped the small switch that powered the camera to the off position and set them down in front of her. She’d brushed a stray strand of brown hair away from her face and picked another strand off her very professional looking blue suit.

She’d then explained her mission, who had sent her, what she hoped to achieve and the best way to thwart the agency.

The agency was easy to take care of, the director that had sent Victoria in had a think for a certain type of woman, I’d simply picked one of the other new recruits that physically matched his type and made a few mental changes and sent her in like a heat seeking missile. A week later the director was completely under my thumb and the investigation had been sidelined.

Victoria on the other hand, was a different matter. I don’t know if it was the look in her eyes, or the fact she’d tried to infiltrate my organization, or maybe it was something else, but I felt like I needed to do something with her, and so I did.

I wiped her memory of everything after the advanced session and modified some of her memories. Victoria Carter became Vicky Vain, still a special agent going undercover, but no longer a smart, top of her class at Quantico graduate, but a dumb blonde bimbo that had sleep her way in to the field.

She then spent the next two months “getting ready” to start working for me, changing her hair, her style, and her body to do so.

The only thing she kept for her old life were those video glasses. They still worked, they still recorded her day, but they no longer uploaded to the agencies servers, but instead to a private one I ran. Most of the footage was just deleted, trivial interactions around the office etc were of no interest. Most of the footage that was kept though was one of three types.

The first was the “dumb blonde moments” type. Interactions where she showed just how much of a bimbo she was to the whole world.

The second was whenever she masturbated. Which was almost always in front of a mirror so she could “see” herself in the recording later. She often replayed these over and over again if she had to masturbate and couldn’t use a mirror.

And finally the last type were of her getting fucked, by me, whenever and wherever I wanted. Much like the masturbation ones, she often re-watched these as well, like the ones where I came on her face, and glasses, the most. I preferred the ones where I took her from behind but there was a mirror for her to look in to, watching her face twist in pure pleasure until her whole body shook from the orgasm that followed never got boring.

The sound of feet approaching the room snapped me out of my reprieve and a put a smile on my face as I turned to welcome the new recruits. Today’s crop looked good, there were at least 17 or the twenty left and that bode well a bumper crop. There was one just hanging back a bit, a woman who didn’t look out of place but acted like she was.

My smile grew wider as I recognized the new protocol I’d installed in the initial processing just in case another agency decided to look in to my activity. I wondered which three letter agency it was this time, but it didn’t really matter. All that it meant was that Vicky was about to have company and that was just fine by me.