Sally just really couldn’t help herself, and not in a “just one more potato chip” kinda way. She didn’t know how he was doing it, though the why was painfully obvious enough, but the last six months had left her with little doubt that it was his doing.

She’d received the latest package just an hour ago and she’d almost ran to the bedroom to unpack it. Inside was a skimpy, lacy white lingerie set that made her nipples hard as soon as her fingers touched the material.

She’d stripped naked and put it on immediately, only noticing afterwards that there was no bra included. It didn’t matter, she headed to the bathroom and started doing her hair and makeup as she hurried, knowing her husband would be home soon.

He was the one that had done this to her, made her a quivering little sex kitten. She’d always had a health appetite for sex, but these last six months had blown that away. She was alway ready to go and when he’d not returned the same sentiment, she’d started doing things to entice him.

Like going to the gym to lose those few pounds she’d put on since college. Or the salon to get her hair done more often. Or watching Internet video’s on the latest makeup styles. She’d even… even gotten breast implants last month!

The problem was that it was working… with each new change he became more and more interested in her. Fucking her more often, with more intensity, with more… purpose. The last month since she’d had her breasts done, a new package seemed to arrive every day or so, something new and skimpy for her to wear when he arrived home.

She heard the front door open and close and then his footsteps walk in to the room. She looked over and let her right leg fall to the side as she propped herself up with her elbows.

She smiled over at him, “Hey baby…” she said in a coo.

He smiled back and walked over to the side of the table, “Hey yourself…” he replied, grabbed her hips and pulled her over to the side of the table before reaching around her neck and pulling her forward until she was more upright. He kissed her and she moaned as her fingers went for his belt.

He pulled back a little and broke the kiss, “Does my horny little slut need my big fat cock again already?”

She blushed and answered, “You know I do baby… I need you’re cock so badly! Give it to me baby and I’ll made you cum so hard!”

Her fingers got his belt undone and his pants fell to the floor and her fingers reached her prize.

“This outfit you bought me makes me so horny baby… are you gonna fuck me while I’m still wearing it?” she asked and leaned back a little, her one hand staying firmly gripped around his shaft, her other reaching over and pushing her panties to the side.

A smile crossed his lips as he pushed forward and she guided him in to her pussy. She threw her head back and cried out in pleasure, “Oh god yes baby! That’s what I need… you’re big fat cock stuffing my tight little pussy!”

It wasn’t long before she came, hard, but as she coasted down from the orgasm the only thought she could muster was if they’d ruined her new panties or if she’d get to fuck him in them again.

Sally turned the rectangular device over in her fingers once more and then gave a puzzled look over to Tom.

“Really? A smart fitness tracker? I mean…”

“Well they guys at work have been working on it and needed some beta testers, and you had been talking about wanting to lose a few pounds, not that you need to of course.”

She gave a wry smile back to him, “Of course. But why an actual device? Why not just an app?”

“They said it has custom hardware in it to be more accurate.” Tom replied with a shrug, “Look, if you don’t want too…” he said, reaching over to take the device back.

“No… no, I didn’t say that.” she said defensively.

“Ok, well, I’ll let them know you’re in then.”

“Sure, why not. At worst it will be just another device collecting dust on the nightstand.”