Erin sat up on the bed and knew she was in trouble. Not because she was naked, but because she didn’t recognize the room she was in at all.

Usually when this happened, she knew it would be one of a few bedrooms that she knew well enough; one night stands, friends with benefits, and even some ex’s. But not only didn’t she recognize the room, it was the wrong style and too high end to be anyone she knew or would have gone home with. It was more like a five star hotel room than anything else.

That left only a few things it could be; she had gotten waaaay drunker than she thought, or the program had finally caught up with her.

The lack of a hangover seemed to favour the later, which was by far the worst.

She didn’t have to wait long as as the loud mechanical click of the door opening drew her attention to the man in a white lab coat that walked in.

He smiled in her general direction, the looked down at his tablet, then back to her, “Miss Stoner?” he only half asked.

“What the fuck about it?” she spat back, not even trying to cover herself. She was proud of her tattoos and body, she had no reason to hide them, and if this was her last day of free will, well, she was going to use it.

The man didn’t react really though and instead just ticked off something on his tablet and then closed the case it was in and smiled at her.

“Well Miss Stoner, welcome to the program. Do you have any questions before we begin?” he asked.

A frown crossed her lips, she knew it was pointless to argue, the program was sanctioned by the government to take care of societies “trouble makers”. For her part, she had more than enough misdemeanors on her record to qualify for the program.

She did have questions though, the program wasn’t a monolithic thing after all, there were different levels and groups involved.

“Fuck it. Tell me what’s the plan then? Am I being assigned to the brothels?” she asked, anger seething out of her lips.

The chuckle from the man told her everything she needed to know, though she suspected as much from her surroundings. This wasn’t a room where they took someone to be reprogrammed to be a low level brothel whore.

“No, no, no, Miss Stoner. We specialize in high end reprogramming here. There was a hold order on you for years, we were just lucky to be the ones to pick you up.”

A shiver ran down Erin’s spine, a hold order on her? Who would have that kind of money to spend?

Her eyes went wide at the realization, “Oh fuck no!”, she screamed and darted towards the door, gripping the handle tightly trying to open it. Her hands simply slipped as the lock refused to give way. She turned towards the man once more with a crazed looked in her eyes, fully intending on tackling the man that stood between her and freedom.

The intent was never completed as he was already drawing the TASER from his coat pocket, the two barbs hit her skin before she had even made a single step towards him and her body hit the ground seconds later.

Erin woke up to her entire body tingling and sore. Unlike last time though, she wasn’t in some luxury bedroom, but instead laid out on some kind of medical bed with a large device hovering above her.

“What… the fuck…” she mumbled as she tried to raise her hand to her forehead only to find it unresponsive.

Her eyes widened and she shouted out, “Hey, I can’t move… somebody help me! I can’t move!”

The man in the lab coat stepped in to view, “Calm down Miss Stoner, that’s to be expected after your… outburst.”

“You fucker… I’m going to kill you when I…”

“Don’t be silly, by the time you are allowed to move freely again your going to be much more agreeable than you are now. Hey Charlie, how much longer do you need?” he said, calling over to a man across the room.

“Looks like a couple more minutes Fred.”

“Alright, good.” Fred replied, “Now then Miss Stoner, since I didn’t get to answer your question earlier, let me do that now. The client has asked for significant physical and mental modifications to be made to you. As such, we’re about to start phase 1 of those changes. The first step is to get back to a clean slate, so to speak, and so we’re here at the dermatology department.”

Fred smiled and waved at the large device above her, “This, is a high powered medical laser. The latest thing for resurfacing skin and taking care of other blemishes. Painless and quick, we’ll be done in just an hour or so with you. After that we’ll be mixing your physical and metal programming together in the second phase, with a third a final phase focusing on the fine tuning of the metal changes.”

“We’re all ready Fred…” came the second voice again and Fred smiled.

“Well, that’s my que to leave, I’ll be back later to flip you over…” he said and then left with a chuckle.

It was only a few seconds later that the device above her came to life and she heard the high pitched whine along with smell of burning hair.

When Fred returned he held up a small hand mirror for her to see the results, her skin was pale white, with not a tattoo to be seen. But also not a single hair on her body, not even her scalp or eyebrows were left.

It was only at the center line of her body in respect to the bed that her tattoo’s resumed, snaking their way around to her back. Fred then manhandled her body until she was laying flat on her stomach and then he left. The device started up once more and Erin knew when it was finished she would naked in a way she had not been in decades.

Erin felt the cock sliding in and out of her mouth and spasmed with yet another orgasm. It was a smaller one than when she tasted cum, but none the less it send her on a high each time.

After they had finished removing her hair and tattoos they had moved her directly to another room where they had sealed her in to this rubber vacuum sealed device, filled with a gel like substance. The only opening in the rubber was around her lips, though the semi-transparentness of it allowed her to see shapes as they moved in front of her.

Twice each day they would unseal her, hose her down, clean her out and then put her back in a fresh one. It had been almost a week since the first time she’d been sealed away, and being sealed in rubber was by far the least of her problems.

The real problem were the orgasms.

She’d sucked enough cocks in her day to know that, while guys loved them, she had no real taste for them. Sure, she’d do it given the right circumstances, but it wasn’t her to go act when she got a guy in bed or anything. At least that how it had been.

The first morning sealed away three men and used her mouth as she laid on the floor. She’d tried to bite the first dick that penetrated her lips right off, but found whatever they had done to immobilize her had left her so weak that all she accomplished was give they guy even more pleasure.

That first day, with more men following in the afternoon and evening, had only confirmed her dislike for oral sex. When she had been put away for the night, still encased in the rubber, she had been exhausted and fell asleep quickly, even with the heavy device they had set on her head before leaving.

The next day had started off pretty much the same, her being cleaned and transfered to a new rubber encasement, followed by a man fucking her face. The difference was that this time her mouth was alight with pleasure. It wasn’t orgasmic or anything, but she knew instantly what they were doing. She fought it, but it was like trying to ignore someone playing with her nipples, it felt good and you could only distract yourself from it for so long.

She managed to hold off an orgasm from the increasingly pleasurable face fuckings for two more days, but when the damn broke, it broke fully. On the fifth day she was cumming multiple times from each face fuck, and it was also the day one of the men finally came in her mouth and her mind exploded in orgasm.

Since then it had been a steady progression, until now she was cumming ever second stroke or so. She was sure that by the end of the day it would be even less, maybe with every stroke?

She would have frowned at that though if there wasn’t a cock slamming her mouth, it had almost sounded hopeful and she still was trying to hold on to some semblance of herself.

Erin woke up and was surprised to find herself laying on top of her sheets, naked but rubberless as well. It was the same five star room she had woken up in the first time, but now she looked at it entirely differently. It wasn’t some luxury hotel room, it was a prison cell.

She sat upright in bed and reached up to touch her lips, as her fingers slipped across them a moan escaped from them.

God it felt good… not as good as the dozens of cocks that had fucked her face in the last week or so, but still, far better than it ever had before she arrived her.

She looked down at herself, still completely nude, her tattoos long gone as well as her hair. Her fingers slipped up to her bald scalp just as she heard the door open and Fred walked in.

“No, it won’t be growing back. The hair follicles have been destroyed. But don’t worry, we have a solution for that as well.”

Erin’s eyes flickered to the doorway, still part way open and she took what she assumed would be her last chance to escape. She managed to get halfway to the door before she heard the zipper of Fred’s pants being pulled down.

Her entire body quivered as she stopped in her tracks and turned around. He was standing there with his dick in his hand and her eyes were focused squarely on it.

“Didn’t I tell you that you’d be much more agreeable by the time you could move again?” he said and her head nodded in agreement on it’s own as she stepped towards him. She dropped to her knees at some point and crawled the rest of the way until she looked up at his dick and past it to his face.

She wanted desperately to wrap her lips around it but something stopped her, “Puh… puh… please… can I… can I suck your cock?”

“You may, but you have to pay attention as well, there are some rules you need to follow from now on.”

She nodded and dove on to his shaft, her first orgasm cresting the instant her lips touched his tip.

He let her stroke up and down several times before he placed his hand on her bald head and held her at the zenith of her up stroke. He eyes darted up to him and pleaded.

“From now on you’re only going to get a cock in your mouth three times a day, and only then if you accomplish the tasks I assign you, understand?” Fred asked.

Erin nodded her head slightly and then Fred released it and she pushed him all the way in to her throat again. He held her once more when she stroked upwards.

“You’ll get a cock at lunch, dinner and before bed, if you accomplish your tasks before each. But, if you fail, say your afternoon tasks, then you won’t get your dinner or bedtime cock.”

She couldn’t imagine not sucking cock at least a dozen times a day, she didn’t know how she was going to survive on just three, but she knew she would never let it get any lower than that.

Erin perched herself on the edge of the chair and held her pose while the photographer snapped another photo. He took several more and then had her take her bra off before continuing. Her panties soon followed along with her stockings and necklace.

The photographer made sure to get her body from every angle under Fred’s watchful eye.

“Alright, that looks good so far Erin. Now let’s do a few without the hair.” Fred said and Erin just smiled and reached up and removed the magnetically attached wig from her head.

The magnets that were embedded in her skull were just one of the dozens of procedures that had been done on her in the weeks since she had been released from her rubber cocoon.

Her tits and lips had been inflated, her ass had been done, her new permanent nails had been attached, her face had been reshaped, all under Fred’s watchful eye.

She was glad he was there though, because as much as the physical changes he’d done to her were impressive, the mental ones were even more so. Gone was the brash, hostile woman who wanted to change the world through physical revolution, replaced with the docile, attentive girl who knew she could only change herself to be the perfect physical trophy for her owner.

She knew exactly how they’d done it of course, using her oral addiction against her, withholding it until she was begging them to fuck her, withholding it until she was guiding Fred’s cock right to her tight ass telling him it was what it was made for.

The photographer took several more shots before Fred was happy and told him to they were done. Erin made no move and stood where Fred had left her until he returned. He was holding his phone and recording a video when he did.

“Ok Erin, what are you?”

She smiled and ran her hand over her bald head, “I’m your fuck doll. Please dress me up and use me in any way you like. You can use my face, tits, pussy or ass, or share them with your friends! This fuck doll is made for use and can’t wait until she is!”

Fred stopped recording and nodded, “That’s good Erin, get dressed and return to your room. You’ll find this afternoon’s tasks waiting for you.”

“Thank you Fred, I hope you will use me again at dinner, I so enjoy sucking and fucking your cock.” Erin replied and then put on her wig and clothing before leaving the photography studio.

Erin’s knees wobbled as she stood beside Fred and in front of her owner. She’d know it was him the instant he walked in to the room. Not just because the programming had told her it was, but by the simple fact he was the only one that would have been able to afford to put a hold on her in the first place.

He had aged quite a bit since the last time she saw him, he had been in his forties then while she’d just started university. She’d spurned his advances at the time and now looking back on it, that was when her life had taken a nose dive.

It wasn’t any one thing that she could point to in her life that had taken her down the path she had followed, but it was obvious that if she’d accepted his offer, things would have been much different.

“Mr. Ironstone My I present Erin…” Fred said and waved his hand towards Erin.

Johnathan smiled at her and held out his hand towards her, “A pleasure to see you again Erin…” he said.

Erin reached out and placed her hand in his, only for him to close his around hers and draw her in to him in one swift motion. His arm was around her waist, his hand was on her ass, his lips were on his.

She moaned as little orgasms crashed over her and she returned the kiss passionately. She was disappointed when he finally broke it off.

“Please Sir, can I suck your cock? Maybe you’d like to fuck my tits? Mmmmm… my pussy and ass could really use a good pounding if you prefer…”

Johnathan gave out a chuckle and then looked over to Fred, “Oh my, you have done a superb job on her Fred.”

“Thank you Mr. Ironstone, we aim to please.”

Johnathan turned back to Erin and smiled, “Not yet Erin. I’ve got the perfect little dress for you to wear back home, along with the perfect wig. Then I’m going to bend you over and fuck that tight little ass of yours while you tell me how stupid you were to turn me down all those years ago. How you’ve always wanted to be my perfect little fuck doll. That you’ll going to do anything and everything to make it up to me from now on. How does that sound?”

“It sounds great Sir!” Erin replied, her face flush, her breathing quickened.

Johnathan turned to Fred once more, “Anything else I need to sign?”

“Nope. She’s all yours.”

“Great.” Johnathan replied, then turned and left the room, Erin following eagerly along behind him as she walked towards her new life.

Johnathan paused just before he left the room and turned back to Fred, “Oh, by the way Fred, if you could find her sister… there would be a bonus in it for you.”

Fred nodded and Erin could only imagine what it would be like to share her owner with her sister.