Lidia stood in front of the private jet and pushed her tits out, three months ago when she’d arrived on the private island she would never have dressed or posed like this.

Then again, three months ago she’d arrived in a scuba suit on the other side of the island from the compound in which she had be determined to enter without being detected. She’d failed of course, the advanced surveillance system had picked her up as soon as she’d stepped out of the water and on to the beach.

The first few days on the island she’d simply done recon, learning the schedules of the people and figuring out the best way to infiltrate it. It was a waste of time, she understood that now, but at the time it had been of vital importance to her.

He had let her play spy for a few days after she’d made her move, but eventually he’d tired of it and simply taken her off to a cell. She’d stewed in the cell for a few days until she was eventually taken to the lab where she was hooked up to various machines, against her will of course, and soon enough she was telling them everything.

Who she was, who she reported to, what her mission was, everything. It still sent a chill of pleasure through her just thinking about it. It hadn’t at the time of course, she had been fighting it with every fiber of her being, but that was no match for the machines. Soon enough, when they had everything they wanted from her, they’d activated new machines and started to make changes to her mind.

Like the aforementioned chill of pleasure that ran down her spine every time she complied with what they wanted.

She looked back at her old life now as such a waste. All that time and effort she had put in to thwarting his plans, she’d spent the last few months trying to make it up to him in any way she could.

Her smile broadened as he came in to view and walked towards her, his smile sending pleasure pulsing through her once more.

“Hello Sir, I hope my appearance pleases you?” she asked as he approached.

He nodded, “It does. You’re coming along nicely Liddy.”

“Thank you Sir. Is there anything I can do for you right now?”

“No, nothing at the moment.” he replied and then gestured towards the plane.

She turned and walked up the steps, making sure he got a good view of her ass as she did so. A few minutes later they were both seated in the jet facing each other.

“Excuse me Sir, may I ask a question?”

He smiled, “Let me guess, you’d like to know where we’re going?”

“Yes Sir.” she nodded.

“We’re going to see you’re old boss actually.” he replied nonchalantly.

She smiled at him, “Oh, very good Sir.”

The jet started to move as he continued, “Yes, he’s under the misconception that I’m holding you against your will.”

Her face instantly changed to surprise, “Never Sir! I stay with you because you are what gives my life purpose!”

“Oh I know, don’t you worry about that. But you’re old boss needs a bit of convincing. So he’s going to demand to talk to you alone, which I will allow of course, and I want you to be completely truthful with him. Tell him how much you enjoy being my personal fuck toy, how you can’t live without my cock in one of your holes, how you want nothing more than to be the perfect living Barbie doll for me.”

“Of course Sir! I’ll tell him everything!”

“Good, very good. Oh, and don’t skimp on the details. Make sure to be very graphic in your descriptions of how I use you and how good it makes you feel to be used.”

“I will Sir, I promise!”

Director Stevenson walked out of the room, leaving Special Agent Lidia Storm alone in it. He was clearly shaken, the colour leaving his face as his hands trembled slightly.

“So Director, do you believe me now?” Johnathan Dark asked.

“She… she was… one of our best.” the Director replied.

“She was, and in other ways, still is. I told you my technology was superior to anything you had seen before. Your insistence on a test run with one of your own agents was unnecessary and I told you that at the time.”

“Yes.. but… I mean… the ramifications of such technology.” the Director replied, shaking his head.

“Yes, the ability to create perfect sleeper agents, turn enemy agents, and even improve your own agents. Can I assume you are interested then?”

“Well, I…”

“Look Director, I gave you your trial run and have been patient to say the least. I could have sold this to any number of less savory elements months ago. But I’m a patriot first and foremost, so if you’re interested then let’s get a deal done. Otherwise I’ll find another buyer immediately.”

The Director furrowed his brow, “No, no don’t do that. I’m sure we can work out a deal, we can’t let this kind of technology fall in to the wrong hands.”

“Of course not.”

“And what about Lidia?” the Director asked.

“That’s up to you. I can wipe her mind again and send her back to you, but would you ever really trust her again? I could keep her on my Island, you could assign her a liaison if you liked. Or…”


“Well, I know how government contracts are negotiated. I could add her in as a ‘perk’ for you to make sure I get a favourable contract…”

The Director smiled, “And she would do everything she just described to me?”

“And more.”

The Director extended his hand, “I think we’ll be able to come to a most satisfactory agreement then.”

Johnathan took the Directors hand and smiled.