“That’s it babe, just like that, perfect!” Johnny said and Brandi tried hard not to giggle in response, after all, she didn’t want to ruin it yet again!

But it was like, so hard! Her boobies were tingling from her arm rubbing up against her one nipple, her lips just wanted to wrap themselves around the lollipop so bad, and that wasn’t even to mention her eager little pussy!

“Alright, all done.” he finally said and she immediately stuck the lollipop in to her mouth and sucked on it hard. her free hand went to her nipple for a moment and then dove down between her legs, under her tight yoga pants. Her fingers quickly sliding in and out of her pussy at the same rate as the lollipop did her lips.

She heard Johnny chuckle in the distance, but she didn’t care. She was a lollipop bimbo slut and she knew it.

She could still remember when Johnny had given her that first lollipop, the pill dissolved inside of it, the feeling of her body shifting and changing as she worked her way through the entire thing.

But two things stood out the most from it, Johnny’s words, “You’re my little lollipop bimbo slut now babe…” and the massive orgasm that followed them.

A little masturbation with a lollipop between her lips hardly compared, but it didn’t take long for her fingers to bring her to orgasm and she let out a contented little gasp as she finished off the lollipop as well.

When she came down from her post orgasmic high, she managed to get herself upright and walked out of the studio to find Johnny working on his computer, editing the photo’s he’d just taken.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, leaned in and sucked his earlobe a bit and then whispered to him, “Like, whatcha doing babe? giggle” she then looked at the monitor and a shiver ran through her.

“What do you think babe? This one or this one? I can’t decide…” he said and flipped between two posters, both prominently feature her.

The first read “Bimbo slut for rent. Low usage, low prices. Will suck anything put in front of her lips.”

The second read “Make your own bimbo with the proven LollipoPill!”

Both ended with the tagline, “Text Johnny at 555-555-5555 for details today!”

Her pussy quivered with excitement, “Like, why do you havta choose? giggle

Johnny leaned forward and the turned to face her with a huge smile on his face, “You know, I sometimes forget you where a PhD student, but you’re right.”

She giggled in response and smiled, “Yeah! Brandi’s right!”

“And you know what that means…”

“Oh my gosh! Really?!?”

Johnny nodded and she squealed as she slipped down on to her knees and crawled under the desk, eager to get her reward as Johnny continued to work on the computer.