Fuck graduation, it was a stupid ritual that Malinda needed no part of. It was beside the point that she was failing half of her classes and doubted that she’d get to go anyway!

Malinda tossed the letter from university in to the trash and stormed off to her room, putting it out of her mind.

“Malinda!” Roger shouted from the kitchen and Malinda looked up from her phone, rolled her eyes and then texted Linda that she had to go.

“What!” she called back down at her step-father. Their relationship had never been good, but it was better than the drug addict mother that she hadn’t seen since she was 4.

“Get down here right now!” was the response.

She pushed off of her bed and stomped her way down the stairs and in to the kitchen, “So?” she sneered.

As soon as she looked up at her step-father her face dropped. He was holding the letter from the university and she cursed inwardly.

“Care to explain this?” he asked, accusingly.

“Why, did you forget how to read? Or were the words just too big?” She could see his blood pressure going up and his face turning red.

“You know what, don’t even bother, I’m out of here…” she turned on her heels and headed for the front door.

“I’ve put a roof over your head, food in your mouth and paid for your university and you don’t even have the common decency to tell me your flunking out?” he shouted as she slammed the door behind her, got in her little red sports car, which he’d paid for and drove off to Linda’s house.

Malinda stared daggers at her step-father across the table, the letter resting between them. She knew she’d eventually have to confront the fact that she was failing out of university, but she’d tried to put it off for as long as she could. But when she’d returned home, at 3am, he’d been sitting in the dark waiting for her like she was still 16.

“So, what do you have to say for yourself?” he asked.

“Nothing. It is what it is. I’m not cut out for university and that’s the proof.”

He shook his head, “Malinda, I know you can do better…” he started to plead with her.

“No… no I can’t. Or at least I don’t want to. I’ve got a dozen rich guys begging at my feet everyday to date me, why should I bother with university?”

Malinda say the disappointment in his eyes, but she felt nothing but contempt. University had been his idea, she’d gone along with it because it seemed like an easy way to stay in his good graces. Which had become less and less important each day.

“Look, alright, maybe that’s true, but is that all you want to be? A trophy wife for some rich asshole?” he asked.

She huffed, “Look who’s talking.” she shot back.

He knew exactly what she was talking about, he’d dated on and off the last few years, but they were all twenty years younger than him and only interest in his money.

“I know I might not be the best roll model, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care. I’ll tell you what, there’s still time left in this semester, I’ll get you a tutor and if you agree to give it real effort I’ll make you a deal. If you pass your courses at the end of the semester, then you’ll keep going and finish your degree, I’ll pay for any and all tutoring you need. If you still fail, then I’ll write you a cheque for one million right then and there.”

Malinda raised an eyebrow, “Are you serious?” she asked back.

“Yes. I’ll put it in writing if you want.” he replied.

“Alright, deal.” she said and they shook on it.

Malinda smiled as she opened the door to reveal Rick, her “tutor”. Rick was only a couple of years older than her, but worked for her step-father’s company in the IT department.

He’d said Rick was the smartest guy he knew and had graduated university a year early, so he should have no problem getting her through a single semester. What he hadn’t said was that Rick was a total stud! 6″ tall, muscles well defined under his t-shirt, a smile that beamed happiness to everyone who saw it.

“Hi Malinda, I’m Rick.” he said, holding out a hand.

She took it and felt his strong grip, “Hi Rick, come on in.” she replied and lead him to the kitchen where they sat down and started to go over her classes, her schedule and when he’d come over to tutor her.

Malinda couldn’t believe that Rick had resisted her advances. She’d basically thrown herself at him, but all he wanted to do was go over the course work. He’d even turned her down when she suggested they study in her room!

And so she’d started to lose interest in the study sessions, which had been helping. Which didn’t go unnoticed by Rick.

“Look Malinda, I know this isn’t exciting, but if you don’t put in the effort I’ll have to tell Roger.”

Malinda’s ears perked up, “No, no, it’s alright, I’m good.” she replied, refocusing on what Rick was saying.

“For a few minutes sure, but you’ve already drifted off three times tonight. Look, I shouldn’t do this, but I do have something that might help.”

“Oh?” she replied.

He reached in to the bad he always carried with him and pulled out some kind of VR headset, “Yeah, this is some new tech we got in at the office. I’ve been working with it to build up some VR study sessions that help people focus on the lessons. Since we’ve been working together I built them around the classes you’re taking.”

She reached out and took the headset, “So how does it work?”

“Just put it on, it has built in speakers and wirelessly connects to my laptop here.” he said, pointing at the laptop he’d been using to help her study.

Malinda did so and the screen flickered to life.

Malinda blinked several times and looked up at Rick as he took the headset from her head, “Hey, how was it?” he asked.

“It was… amazing!” she replied, earnestly excited.

“Great, well, it’s late so I’ve got to go. See you next time.”

Malinda blinked and then realized it was dark outside. She checked her phone and then double checked it, she’d had it on for 4 hours!

“Hey…” she started to say and turned just in time to see Rick close the front door as he left.

Malinda tossed and turned in bed, her body on fire as softly moaned as the dream unfolded.

She was standing in the front hall of a large home, dress to the nines, her hair and makeup perfectly applied. She was standing there with her hands clasped behind her back as the door opened and a dark figure stepped in to the foyer.

She let out a gasp as her heart and pussy fluttered, then she stepped forward and wrapped her arm around the mans shoulders, kissing him passionately.

“Hey, about last time with the VR thingy…” Malinda said as Rick sat down at the table across from her.

“Yeah, it went great didn’t it.” he replied.

“Well, yeah, I guess…” she said, unsure if it did but Rick had seemed so confident that it had.

“Do you want to try it again?”

“What!” she squeaked, surprised by the question, “Well, I don’t know… maybe?” she replied as Rick pulled it from his bag along with his laptop and set it down between them on the table.

“Go ahead and put it on, I’ll get the next lession queued up.” Rick said, ignoring her hesitation.

Not knowing what else to do she placed the headset on her had and a few minutes later the flicker of the screens.

Malinda’s fingers were deep in her pussy as the dream played out in her mind, the shadowy man’s cock buried deep inside of her pussy in it.

She was on her back, her stocking covered legs bent back beside her head as he leaned in and pushed deeply in to her, “Oh god, oh god, you’re so big! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” her voice cried out just as an orgasm crested and she sat bolt upright in bed, gasping for breath as her fingers brought her over the edge as well.

Rick watched Malinda sit at the kitchen table, the VR headset on her, her lips parted as the program ran. This was the 7th session with the headset and he could tell where it was going without even looking at the data on his laptop.

Roger had been very clear that she had to have a chance as long as she put in the work, and even had told him not to bring out the headset unless necessary.

The headset itself even gave her more than a chance as well. All she had to do was pay attention to the lessons and engage with them. As long as she did that, the secondary functions of the headset would never be engaged.

Of course Malinda had failed at even that most basic of level, and the headset’s secondary program had been running more often than it’s primary one since the first time she’d put it on.

He couldn’t fault Roger really, the man had given Malinda every change and every thing in life, he only wanted the best for her. And so if what Malinda truly wanted was to just be a trophy wife, well Roger was going to make sure she was the best trophy wife she could be.

The secondary program of he headset had been just doing that for the last seven sessions, with one more until it was complete. It was giving her all the skills necessary to be a truly great trophy wife.

Rick shutdown the headset once the program was finished and slipped the headset from Malinda, “How was it.”

“It was great, thank you Rick.” she replied, folded hands in her lap, a pleasant smile across her face as she sat in the chair. She was in a nice sundress and heels, her makeup done to perfection and her hair pulled back in to a pony tail.

It was quite the change from the first time he’d met her. Gone were the skimpy outfits, heavy makeup and stripper heels. The flirting had stopped as well, she was well behaved and polite at all times.

“That’s good, I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

“Oh, that will be nice, thank you Rick for all your help.” she replied as Rick put away his laptop and the headset and then left.

Malinda smiled at the report card, folded it in three and then wrote a note on it, placing it on the kitchen table before walking in to her step-father’s office.

She was excited for him to get home and she the results, she’d succeed just like he said she would and even though she wouldn’t be able to attend her graduation with the rest of her classmates, she was excited none the less.

Roger walked in to his home and tossed his briefcase along the wall, and his keys in to the dish by the entrance. The house was quiet and as always he headed in to the kitchen to get a glass of water after the drive home.

Sitting on the kitchen table, tilted up against the centerpiece was a piece of paper with some writing on it. He picked it up and read it.


P.S. come celebrate with me in your office when you’ve read it!

Roger flipped open the letter and read it, smiling as he scanned over each grade and then tossing it back on to the kitchen table before heading to his office.

He opened the door and Malinda was there, half bend over a chair, stockings and heels, lace and cap on. He walked over and stood behind her, placing his hands gently on her ass. A moan came from her as he did and he smiled.

“Congratulations Malinda, you passed.” he said, squeezing her right ass cheek as he did.

“Ah! Thank you Roger, I couldn’t have done it… ah… without you!” she replied, as he squeezed her other ass check as well.

“I know. And now it looks like your ready for your graduation ceremony…” he said and squeezed both ass cheeks at the same time.

“Oh my yes! I’m ready to graduate and become a full blown trophy wife Roger!”

Roger unbuckled his pants and let them fall to the floor, then pulled his underwear down as well, stepping out of both of them. He slipped his fingers between her legs and felt the moistness of her pussy.

“I can tell.” he replied, taking the sheer fabric between his fingers and ripping it apart, exposing her pussy to the cool air of the air condition.

She wiggled her ass back and forth, “Please.. please… I want to graduate… start he ceremony… please!”

Roger pushed his dick up to her pussy and then slipped inside to the squeals of excitement coming from Malinda’s lips.

Malinda couldn’t believe it was finally happening, Roger was fucking her!

It had become obvious that the shadowy man in her dreams these last few weeks had been Roger. She’d been sucking and fucking him in her dreams every night and now it was really happening.

When the realization had finally hit her, she’d childed herself for being so stupid, Roger was the obvious choice. He was rich, he was single and he was always giving her money. What more could a trophy wife want?

Well, his big hard dick in her pussy of course, but that was a given now that she was graduating to full trophy wife!

“Oh god Roger, fuck my tight little pussy with that big hard cock!” she cried out as she gripped the chair even harder as it scraped across the floor from the powerful thrusts Roger was pumping in to her.

“I want to be your trophy wife! I want you to fuck me every day! I’ll do anything you want Roger! Just… never… stop… fucking… MMMMMMMEEEEEEEEE” she cried out as he came in her pussy and her orgasm crashed over her. She only managed to keep herself upright because of the chair she had a death grip on.

A moment later she felt the cap being lifted from her head and toss at the window, “You don’t need this any more, congrats, you’re a trophy wife!”

She squealed in response, stood up, twirled around and dropped down to her knees, taking Rogers defating dick between her lips and sucking every last drop of cum from him, just like a good trophy wife should.