April let out a long loud giggle and she let her top slip down to her elbows, it just felt so good!

“Like, oh my gawd… stop it! giggle” she cried out and then broke down in a fit of giggles.

She didn’t really want it to stop of course, it felt too good, she never wanted it to end to be honest.

“Do you really want me to stop it?” a distance voice said and April just shook her head between giggles.

“Do you want that bubbly happy feeling to last forever?”

She gasped and nodded her head enthusiastically as her arms fell to her sides, letting her top fall to the floor. She didn’t even mind the fact that her breasts were now completely exposed to him.

“Good, I just need you to do a few things for me, can you do that?”

The giggles continued but she managed to get out an “uh-hun” between them.

“Alright then, the first thing I need you to do is to stop thinking of yourself as a person. You are just a giggle, happy, little sex toy for men.”

She couldn’t help it, her hands moved around to her pussy and dove under the bikini bottoms she was wearing, “April is a giggle, happy sex toy! giggle

“That’s right April, and sex toys are owned aren’t they?”

She let out a loud gasp as her fingers worked her pussy and clit, “OH GOD YES! April is owned! April is owned!”

“Very good April, I just need you to do one more thing for me… tell me who your owner is.”

She gasped again just as he stepped towards her, his rob falling to the floor to reveal his hard member sticking out from his body.

Her eyes went wide once more as she dropped to her knees, “YOU ARE! YOU ARE!” she cried out just before she wrapped her lips around him and eagerly sucked him all the way in.

April looked at the card and then up at the sign on the building. She’d had a bad feeling about this from the get go, but she needed the money and if that meant wearing a skimpy bikini for a stupid calendar so she could keep her waitress job, well, that’s what it meant.

It was only for another few months, then she’d graduate from college and be able to get a real job. Which was not soon enough really, the creepy owner of the wings place she worked at had really been turning up the sleaze lately and she wanted nothing to do with it anymore.

She let out a sigh and then opened the door, walking in to what she hoped would be a brief, not too embarrassing photo shoot that she could forget about and move on with her life.