Red Eye Flight is a series of captions about a mysterious stranger with the ability to warp reality and the adventures he gets into when he flies the very friendly skies.

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Suki tied her handkerchief around her neck and let it settle down between her cleavage as she looked over at her friend doing pretty much the same thing.

“Are you just about ready to go Akiko?” she asked.

“Hie!” Akiko called back and hurried in to her bedroom to get her overnight bag.

They were both booked to work on a flight today and as usual Akiko was running late. Suki shook her head and wondered if Akiko would ever be on time. Suki had been working with her for almost twenty years and never once had she been ready when she said she would be.

Suki crinkled her forehead… something about that thought wasn’t right. She tried to focus in on what it might be… Akiko and her had worked together at the airline for almost twenty years… but Akiko had just turned twenty one three weeks ago…

“Suki! Help!” Akiko called from her room and Suki snapped out of her thought and rushed to her friends room. Once there she found Akiko frowning, the single button that held her top closed having given up the ghost and her two large, round breasts now hanging free of their previous confines.

Suki’s lips parted as her mouth began to water, “Akiko…” she muttered out in a half daze as she step forward and took her friends breasts in to her hands.

Akiko moaned and soon the two of them were on Akiko’s bed, Suki’s lips wrapped around Akiko’s nipples as she eager sucked at them.

Masuki looked over the VIP lounge as she entered it, Akiko trailing behind her desperately trying to get herself in order. After twenty years Masuki would have thought she would have worked it out by now.

Eventually the two of them made it to the gate and smiled at Stella who was sitting behind the counter, “Hey Stella, how are things going?”, Masuki asked.

“So far so good. Everything is on time, knock on wood.” she replied.

Masuki nodded and then stepped behind the counter to the second terminal and checked the passenger list, “Looks like we only have one VIP on this flight Akiko.”

“Really? That’s good, we can take turns and I can get caught up on some sleep on this long haul flight.”

Masuki rolled her eyes, if Akiko’s defining trait was being late, then it was more often than not, caused by not getting enough rest.

Masuki turned to Stella, “It says our VIP has checked in already, do you know which one he is Stella?”

Stella seemed to shake involuntarily at the question and pointed over across the lounge to a man without actually looking towards him. He was sitting in a corner that seemed overtly dark for some reason. She went to glance upwards to see if a light was out, but her eyes froze when the two red, glowing embers shone through and penetrated her soul.