Dammit, there wasn’t anything here.

The sound of the party going on downstairs was in the back of her mind as she tried desperately to find the evidence she needed against Don Manquso, but nothing seemed to be what she needed. Take a quick look over her shoulder, she fished the USB thumb-drive out from between her breasts and quickly plugged it in.

With no other choice, she grabbed a copy of his documents folder, and then rejoined the party.

Sandra scanned over the documents she had copied from the party and frowned. A more thorough investigation of them resulted in only two thing; first was the confirmation of what she had thought the first time she looked them over, and second a splitting headache.

She let out a sigh and closed her eyes, rubbing her forehead. It was nearly 5 am and she’d been up all night, first at the party and then at home sifting through the files.

She’d hoped to find something, anything she could use against him. Well, that wasn’t quite right, her little investigation and search weren’t on the books, she didn’t have a warrant or anything. So she couldn’t use anything she found against him anyway, not in court at least.

It had been a desperate move on her part, a risk to be sure. As a police officer she was sworn to uphold the law, but she just couldn’t in good conscious let Don Manquso escape justice. She’d been pursuing him through official channels ever since her partner was killed three years ago. There was nothing directly tying Manquso to the crime, but she knew he must have authorized it.

At this point though, after being taken off the case, disobeying orders, demoted, and sidelined, she had no more official channels to pursue. So she’d used the last resource she had, her looks, to try and find some dirt on him.

It had been pretty easy getting invited to one of his parties, and after scoping things out, she’d made her move. To no avail by the looks of it unfortunately.

But no matter, it was late… well early, and she needed some sleep and then she’d go over the files once more, just in case she missed something.

Sandra skimmed through the files once more, something told her that she was missing something. But then again, that was the same thing that had told her that for the last three weeks and she had yet to find anything.

She leaned back in her home office chair and let out an exasperated breath as she clicked on another file. The fingers of her free hand had worked their way under her over sized t-shirt that she wore and had found her moist pussy waiting for them.

It was a common occurrence these days, she was spending more and more time reviewing the data she had stolen from Don Manquso, just as she had been spending more and more time masturbating while she did so. A smile crossed her lips as a little thrill ran through her body at the thought of her “stealing” the data. That was a change in the way she had thought about it, she wasn’t sure when it had happened, but when she had done it, she had just seen it as part of her investigation, but now it was theft.

She let out a little gasp and then a moan as more words entered her mind; larceny, misappropriation, unlawful, burglary. It wasn’t long before she was cumming and her whole body spasmed from it.

Sandra tossed and turned, her dreams restless as she slept. Her hips thrust against the bed, again and again as she let out low moans.

Her lips finally started to move and her voice softly filled the room, “Yes Don Manquso. Of course Don Manquso. Anything you ask Don Manquso.”

Sandra was nervous, her stomach was filled with butterflies as she walked around Don Manquso party once more. She’d had to come back hadn’t she? She still hadn’t found anything in the data she’d stolen so she had to right?

Hr knees turned to Jello at that word, “stolen”. She leaned against the closest wall for a moment to get her balance and just as she was about to step away from it, a man took her arm to steady her.

“Are you alright Miss?” the strong voice said and Sandra immediately recognized it.

“Oh… yes… yes I’m find Don Manquso.” her body betrayed her words though and just as she steadied herself she lost her balance and fell in to him slight.

He held her tightly, his strong hands holding her firmly, she needed to leave… she had to leave…

“I think perhaps you need to sit down for a moment, would you allow me to take you to my office?”

Her lower lip quivered, she needed to say no… “Oh Don Manquso… I couldn’t impose…”

“Nonsense, it is no imposition, you are my guest, it is my duty to take care of you.”

Her mind trying to find any reason to say no finally failed her, “Well, ok then.”

Sandra was looking at the computer screen, but unlike the last time she’d been in Don Manquso office, she wasn’t kneeling down. This time her hands were flat on the desk and she was bent over at the waist. Don Manquso hands were firmly gripping her hips and he was thrusting in to her sopping wet pussy.

“Oh god Don Manquso, fuck this dirty little thief’s pussy! Take back everything I stole from you!” she cried out as he gaze was fixed on the screen.

She felt Don Manquso release inside of her and she screamed at the top of her lungs and then fell to the floor, her head only just above the top of the desk so she could continue watching the computer screen.

Don Manquso looked down at Sandra, his problematic officer of the law and smiled. He had thought when he’d ordered her superiors to “dissuade” her from pursing him that would be the end of it.

But she had turned out to me more persistent than he expected. So much so that he decided to use that against her. He knew if he pushed her far enough she’d do something illegal, specifically, an illegal search of his house.

All he’d had to do was install the software on his computer that his contacts in the military gave him and let in infect her USB drive, and then her computer. The rest was just a matter of time.

The timing couldn’t have been better either, he needed a bit of repair on his reputation, and his divorce had just come through a few weeks ago. Having an ex-police officer as his new trophy wife would kill two birds with one stone.