“Gentlemen, I’d like to start my presentation with something familiar…” Dave said as he advanced the PowerPoint presentation to the next slide after the title. On the display behind him was an image of three women, all in their twenties, wearing matching outfits.

“I think you’ll all recognize The Piranhas?” he said, clearly not expecting a response as everyone could easily recognize the most popular girl group in the last twenty years.

A few of the men nodded though as Dave continued, “This was taken early in their career, just before their popularity exploded. As you know they successfully broke nearly every record on the books in their first ten years together, only to break up. Kimberly started a solo career that had some limited success but hasn’t produced anything new in eight years. Beth married that famous footballer only to get divorced shortly afterwards due to infidelity. And Sam, well, Sam’s biggest talent was her smile and that didn’t take her very far afterwards.”

Dave clicked his mouse and the next slide appeared.

“This photo was taken two years ago, when they came to me seeking a new manager to bring their careers back to life.” he said as the three women appeared on screen once more, older but still in good shape.

“As you well know, there were two components to The Piranhas success; the sex appeal of the girls, and the writing of their behind the scenes partner, Kevin. To be honest though, Kevin was the most important part of the group, while he never appeared public, his ability to write catchy fun pop songs defined the group.”

A few eyebrows were raised at that, Kevin’s involvement wasn’t well known outside of a small circle of people close to the band.

“With Kevin’s overdose a few years ago, this left me with limited options to bring The Piranhas back to relevance. I could obviously send them out on a nostalgia tour, which would be successful of course, or I could try something a little different.”

A low rumble came through the group of men in the room.

“As you know, we’ve been developing the Temperament Protocol for almost a decade, but until recently the technology just wasn’t up to the task. After consulting with both upper management as well as R&D, a decision was made to try and implement it with The Piranhas.”

The low rumble started to swell as Dave clicked his mouse once more and the next slide appeared.

“This photo was taken three weeks ago at a private ‘party’ hosted to unveil the groups new look. As you can see they have had significant work done. What you can’t see is how much work the Temperament Protocol has done to their minds. Gone are the three headstrong, egotistical women that couldn’t get along to continue a billion dollar band. Now they take to heart anything their management has to say, eager to please in every way possible.”

Dave clicked his mouse again and the next slide appeared, this time the three ladies were naked from the waist up, smiling and playing with their own breasts.

Another click and they were all naked, laying on a bed.

Another click and the three of them were intertwined, their tongues and fingers in each other pussies.

“We’ll be using several of these photos during the unavailing of the ‘new’ band. All three will publicly be declaring their love of each other and that they are now in a three way relationship. Each will, at various times, infer that they will be bringing certain, lucky fans, in to their bedroom as well.”

Dave clicked his mouse again and the image was replaced with a boring graph.

“As you can see, we’re expecting a 3000% increase over a traditional reunion tour, along with several additional revenue streams that would not be possible otherwise. I’ve already been approached by a ‘super fan’ for the possibility of the girls spending a weekend with him on his private island… for a large 7 figure amount.”

Several of the men nodded and then one started to clap, soon the room was filled with the sound of applause as Dave clicked the mouse one last time and the next slide came up. It was titled “Possible Next Groups”, and listed off a half dozen performers that were managed by the company.