“Fuck… I have to admit I didn’t think she’d turn out this well.” I said as my ex-girlfriend sat on the kitchen table all dolled up.

“We do pride ourselves in delivering exactly what our clients want sir.” the man in the black suit and tie replied as he held his tablet in his hand.

I’d met Jamie three years ago at a club and she’d immediately latched on to me once she found out I was one of the most eligible bachelors in the city. She’d been fun and I’d stayed with her for two reasons; the first was that she knew the game and was eager and willing to play it, the second was she could suck cock like no one I’d ever met before.

And so we’d hooked up for just over two years. In that time, I’d treated her to life experiences that she would never have been able to afford, and she, well, she sucked my cock a lot. It was a good arrangement all the way around.

But like all such arrangements, it eventually ran it’s course and she wanted to take it to the next level and started dropping hits about “putting a ring on it”.

I had no intention of that and so eventually we broke up. If that was all it had been and we parted ways on reasonable terms, well, I would have left it at that. But Jamie quickly became vindictive, threating to go to the press, to drag my families good name through the mud, and in general make it painful for everyone.

Fortunately, when you come from an old and respected family, you have options in these kinds of situations. At first I thought I’d just fight fire with fire, do a full on PR war and see how quickly she crumbled. I’d changed my mind a few weeks after the breakup, it hadn’t taken long for me to find another willing girl to play the game with and that had been the tipping point. She’d been on her knees, trying as best as she could to give me a proper blowjob, but it was just pathetic. Not that she was pathetic or anything, I mean, she was cute and lovely as a person, but if Jamie had been a 10, she was a 2 at best.

Which got me to thinking, Jamie might not be marriage material, but could she be something else?

That was when I reached out and found The Company. I still didn’t know what its real name was, if it even had one, but everyone just refereed to it as The Company and I saw no reason to argue.

“So, anything else I need to know?” I asked.

“No, I just need you to initial and sign here…” he said, passing me over the tablet and indicating a spot at the bottom of a long document.

I smiled and eagerly did so, it was just a formality after all. The money, a considerable amount of it, had long ago been transfered to some swiss bank account number.

“Thank you. Now, I’ll leave you to get re-acquainted with Jamie…” the man in the suit said and turned and the walked out of the front door, closing it behind him.

For my part, I step forward and placed my hand on the side of Jamie’s face. She instantly leaned in to it and parted her lips slightly. I could see the need in her eyes, the hunger that burned deep inside of her. I ran my thumb over her lower lip and I watched her whole body quiver in anticipation.

“So Jamie, do you want to use those lips now?” I asked and she only gasped and nodded, it was part of her new programming.

She no longer spoke unless it was absolutely necessary, and then only the most basic of words. There was no longer any chance of her slandering my family name now.

There were other changes as well; her focus on her lips as her defining trait, her need to expose her body whenever possible, the absolute and undeniable need to suck cock, but not just any cock, my cock.

She was basically my personal blowjob machine, and would do everything she could to make sure she stayed that way.

I pushed by thumb between her lips and she sucked on it eagerly, “Why don’t we take a walk upstairs and see what the bedroom is like in your new condo…” I said and stepped back, letting her slip off the table and stand upright, still with the thumb firmly between her lips.

The condo was just a few doors down from my own, in fact I owned all the units between us and so the backyards connected together and allowed me to visit any time I liked without having to come in the front door.

I walked over to the stairs and started up them, Jamie trailing along just behind me, unwilling to let my thumb out from between her lips. When I finally popped it out when we arrived in her new bedroom, she sank to her knees and quickly worked my pants to the floor along with my underwear and warped her lips around my hardening shaft.

I let her stroke up and down, her expertise not disappointing, until I decided to take hold of the sides of her head and fuck her face good and proper.

The gurgles and moans she made nearly sent me over the edge, but I held on as long as I could, until a good pool of spittle had formed on her tits. I pulled out, holding her head back and then slapped my member on her lips several times until the first shots of cum flew out of my tip and on to her face.

I watched her whole body shiver as the orgasm came over her, then another and another as more streams of cum landed on her face. Then, when my balls were empty, I ran my softening cock over her lips and watched her eyes roll back in her head as another orgasm crested.

Then I let her collapse on to the floor and flicked a few remaining droplets of cum out of my dick on to her, before getting dressed once more.

“Fuck Jamie, you haven’t lost a thing. I was worried that the reprogramming would damage your skills somehow, but not in the slightest.”

I watched her lips curl in to a smile and hear a faint giggle from her lips.

“I’ll probably drop by a couple of times a day for the next little while. Then we’ll get on a more regular schedule. On the kitchen counter is your expense card, you can order groceries and clothing on-line and have it delivered. There’s also some exercise equipment in the spare room. Let me know if you need anything else.” I said as I walked out of the room and back to my own condo through the backyard.

I had created myself a bit of a problem though, Jamie had turned out so well I doubted I’d find anyone to compete with her skills “in the wild”. Perhaps I’d have to contact The Company again once I’d found a long term girlfriend once more and kill two birds with one stone.