“Oh yes sir, of course sir!” the well tanned brunette replied to my request as she slipped her thumbs under her bikini straps and then undid the knot behind her neck, letting the bikini drop down over her perfectly toned abs.

There were no tan lines, but her nipples were erect as she smiled and reached around behind herself to undo the second knot and then let her hands fall to her sides, the top loosely hanging from her fingers.

“As you can see sir, no tan lines. I usually am naked, the bikini was a request from one of the guests.”

“And you always do as the guests request?” I asked.

“Of course sir, that is what I am here for. To pleasure the guests in any way they request.” she replied cheerfully.

“Has a guest requested your presence at the moment?”

“No sir, I was just returning to my change room to drop off the bikini and return to the beach. Do you have a request sir?” she asked, her wide bright smile across her face with hope as she did.

“Yes, I’m in the penthouse. Go get changed in to something sexy and meet me there.” she replied, turning and wiggling her ass as she walked from the beach to her change room.

I looked down at my tablet and scrolled through her history. She’d come to the resort three years ago, after graduating law school, as a celebratory holiday, and never left. Her natural looks and flawless skin had drawn the attention to the general manager at the time and he’d “recruited” her to work at the resort full time.

Recruitment was of course several weeks of intense brainwashing and training. As a lawyer she might know the law and how to argue a case, but she’d known squat about sucking cock and pleasuring men.

I scrolled through the pages of commendations and recommendations from various guests of the resort and then flipped to the next employee on his list, he caught sight of her by the pool as he walked from the beach.

The stacked blonde was naked, like most of the girls in the resort, and was talking to an older gentleman. And by talking I mean was on her knees between his legs, giving him a titty fuck, as she told him how much she loved getting he tits covered in cum.

I looked around for the third on my list, an Asian woman, but did not see her, so I turned back to the hotel and walked towards the lobby. As I entered the building another blonde smiled at me, done up in a skimpy bellhop outfit that covered very little.

“Did you enjoy the beach sir? Is there anything I can do for you sir?” she asked.

“Yes, it was fine. No there’s nothing I need, thank you.” I shook my head, the added “thank you” was reflex, certainly not needed here.

Heading up to my suite and used the tablet to schedule the other two girls for when they became available and then shut it off. Once I was back in my room, I tossed it on the desk and flopped down on the sofa.

This trip wasn’t for pleasure, it was business, as was the upcoming visits from each of the three girls. A few months ago I’d been approached by the management team from the resort, they needed investors to expand, and who better than a well known playboy bachelor billionaire?

This trip was just to “sample” the resort and confirm what they had said about it, which all seemed to be true so far. After all, I’d know Tamara in university and she’d made my life a living hell for four years. Calling me fat, ugly, a deviant, slimy and many other names. Some of it had been true, well most of it really, but when I’d asked her to show me if she had any tan lines on her tits, she hadn’t even batted a eye at the request, let alone recognize me.

The knock on my door brought me out of my thoughts as I stood up and walked towards it. It was going to be a fun few days of hearing her cry out, begging me to fuck her, in any degrading way I wanted.

To be honest though, while it would be a short term distraction, and would most certainly secure my investment in the resort, it was really the technology I was interested in. I had a long list of people I was looking forward to using it on and few of them would get off as easy as Tamara was going to.