“Alright ladies, time to pay up…” I said as they looked at me with their big doe eyes and then smiled before pulling up shirts and flashing me. The giggled and then leaned in to each other and kissed, their tongues obviously darting in and out of each others mouths.

I smiled and watched the show for a few moments, I had come out to play a round to relax, not pick up a new plaything or two. However, when the opportunity presents itself, well, it’s just downright rude not to take advantage.

I’d been partnered with Tiffany and Teresa at my 1 pm tee time, which had not impressed me at all, until they came in to view of course. I liked to play golf as a distraction, and preferred to play alone if possible, but my usual course had gotten busier lately and so I’d often had to play with another group.

Often that meant a couple of “bro’s” trying to out drive each other, or a retired couple doing an afternoon round, or some other such grouping. Every once in a while though, well, you struck gold.

Tiffany and Teresa were going to the local university on a golf scholarship and it definitely showed. They easily out drove me off the tee, had far better control on the approach and I hadn’t seen either of them three put all day. At least that was until I started messing with their minds.

By the time we passed the half way mark, they were both shamelessly flirting with me and making “wagers” that they new they would “lose”. Like on the 11th when suggested that closest to the pin would have to pull down their pants or skirt. I of course was no where near the pin and I had never seen two women focus so much on trying to out do each other. Teresa had managed to almost hole her approach and was well inside of Tiffany.

Teresa spent the rest of the round without any panties on.

It was only a few holes later when Tiffany joined her.

They finally broke their kiss and both turned towards me, “Hey, like we had a lot of fun playing with you today…” Tiffany said.

“Yeah, but we were wondering if maybe, you know, would like to continue playing with us somewhere more private?”

I smiled more broadly, “Well sure, sounds like fun girls. But I do have a couple of rules I like to play by…”

They both nodded, but Teresa replied first, “Oh, of course! We’ll play by any rules you want.”

“Well, alright then. First off, I believe in fair play, so what one of you gets, the other does too.”

They blushed and nodded.

“Second, since this is a short round, only having six holes and all, I’ll be the one choosing which holes to play.”

Tiffany let out a little gasp and Teresa giggled, but both nodded after a moment.

“And finally, I only play public courses, so you’ll have tee times for me whenever I call you up.”

Both giggled this time and then walked over to each side of me and looped their arms through mine as we walked off towards my car. It was still early enough to go back to my place and have a couple of hours of fun and have time to make it back to the course so they could pick up their car again.

Though I have to admit that I really enjoyed playing golf with them as well, perhaps I’d arrange for a weekly round with them and not just fuck them in to the mindless bimbo’s that I usually did with the playthings I picked up.