Amy lapped at the milk in the bowl and wondered how far Rick would take it. It was a strange feeling, to have so little control over her own body, but at the same time to be so turned on.

That arousal wasn’t under her control either and she knew The Company had forced it on her just as he had everything else.

The problem was he didn’t know it.

Instead, he was fully convinced that she was doing all of this of her own accord, even more than that, that she wanted this and was an eager participant in it. Which was exactly what the company wanted him to think.

Rick had, until a few months ago, been working half way across the country at a rival company when he’d been targeted for recruitment. She had been a low level admin at the same company that Rick had been flirting with for several months with little success. She hadn’t directly turned him away or anything, he was in management and she didn’t want to ruin her chances of climbing the corporate ladder or anything. But she had made if obvious that things weren’t going anywhere beyond the friends zone with him.

That is until The Company had abducted her at the start of a two week vacation and spent that time implanting the device that sat at the base of her skull. When she’d woken up from the surgery she’d been unaware of what they had done, but that didn’t last long. She quickly found she had little control of her body and even less control of her voice.

Things she wanted to do or say were intercepted by the device and altered. For the first few days, all that came out of her mouth was gibberish and her limbs flailed around randomly, but soon enough she noticed them getting more and more structured.

By the end of the first week she was walking around, smiling, giving pleasantries to everyone in the facility that contained her. Well, the facility didn’t really container her at all, there were no locked doors or guards or anything. The only thing that contained her was the device itself.

The second week was when they let her know what she was expected to do. It was simple really, seduce Rick in whatever way she could, and then when he was fully committed to her, tell him she was taking a new job at The Company and she wanted him to come with her.

When she returned to work after her “vacation”, things went smoothly. Rick immediately responded to her advances and they were dating by the end of the week. It was a few weeks later that his collection of petplay photographs on his computer as part of her “research” in to how to snare him fully.

She didn’t tell him about her find of course, but a quick online search found a basic outfit and after it arrived she “confessed” her interest in it to him and “hoped” he didn’t think it too strange.

By the time she announced she was moving for her new job at The Company, Rick was eager to agree to move with her and applied to The Company for a position they happened to have available that matched his skill set exactly.

When they arrived at their new house, Amy had really accelerated things, or the device did at least. The Company wanted to make sure that Rick was happy in his new position and so Amy took everything about their relationship up to 11.

She spend most of her time at home crawling around the house, meowing and purring at every opportunity she had. The bowl of milk was something new, even though Amy was lactose intolerant, she happily lapped at it. Or the device did for her.

The thing was though, that over the last week or so, Rick had started talking about taking it up another notch. They’d been browsing websites with full latex cat outfits on them, several site that had butt plug “tails”, and a few that had bondage gear that would immobilize her arms and legs.

None of this though, not even the plastic surgery sites they had visited together, was what concerned her the most though.

No, what concerned her the most was her own suggestion that now that he had received a significant pay bump at his new job, that if he wanted, she could “retire” and spend her days as his full time pussy cat.

Her concern wasn’t that he’d say yes though, on the contrary, it was that he’d say no. Simply because the orgasms she felt each and every time Rick penetrated her and her voice called out in a meow, was far better than freedom she might have wanted before all this began.