Banderella looked down the sights and called out, “Freeze!”, as she sat on her bike holding her helmet. The man she was aiming at paid no attention and so she squeezed the trigger and let the bolt fly, catching the felling man right between the shoulder blades.

He dropped like a stone as the electrical jolt of the stun bolt coursed through his body, twitching on the pavement once he arrived there.

She kicked out the stand of her bike and leaned it to the side, swinging a long leg over the seat and setting her helmet on the seat before waling towards the downed man. Arriving at his now still body, she shook her head.

“Why don’t they ever learn?” she half whispered as she leaned down and rolled his body over, only to be surprised to see his eyes wide and a smile on his face. To late she saw his hand moved up and push something in to her bare midriff but she recognized the sensation of electricity course through her.

“Well, sometimes we do…” were the last words she heard as she slumped to the ground and passed out.

Banderella woke up to a loud hissing in her ears and a kaleidoscope of colours in her eyes. She struggled against what she could only assume were straps holding her down to the chair she was seated in, but they did not give.

She wasn’t sure how long she struggled for, but eventually she grew tired and relented, instead focusing on anything else she could decipher about her situation. The random patterns of colours in her field seemed to offer no clues, but when she closed her eyes and tried to listen for any background noises, she could almost make out words.

But the harder she tried to focus on them, it seemed they simply slipped away. Instead, she found that when she defocused and just tried to let the words come to her, she had more success.

Banderella opened her eyes and blinked at the bright white light that filled the room, her arms and legs were free and she jumped up from the chair and took a battle stance. Quickly looking around and assessing the situation, she found only an abandoned warehouse, grimy and mostly empty expect for the chair and an empty table beside it.

She shook off the lingering effects of whatever drugs or other things that had been done, and then made a quick exit. Outside she found her bike and helmet and she rode off back to her secret hideout to see if she could piece things together.

As Tracy Monahan walked in to the charity event, the events from two weeks ago still bothered her, but she’d put them mostly out of her mind. It wasn’t the first time she’d been captured and released, it was common enough that a low level villain would capture a hero and find themselves over their heads. They usually simply decided to let them go, hoping to avoid a conflict with more heroes that would surly try and rescue them.

But the weird sound and lights were… odd, to say the least.

She let out a sigh and looked down at her fancy red dress, picking a small piece of lint off of it before turning to the side where a wall was covered in mirror tiles. A sudden smile crossed her lips and she felt a little thrill run down her body at what she saw.

She’d had to go out and buy the dress earlier in the week when she realized she had nothing to wear to the event, and had even spent a day at the salon getting ready as well. These were things that she had never done before, always preferring more of a tomboy kind of look over the glamourous one she now presented.

But, well, there was something to be said about glamour she guessed. At so it seemed as even the simple act of shopping for the dress and excited her like shopping had never done before. She’d even masturbated to the very idea that night after her shopping trip!

“Well hello Tracy.” a voice said from behind her and she half turned to see who it was. There stood Damien Faucui, the son of one of the most notorious crime bosses in the city, staring at her ass.

A shiver ran down her spine and a smile crossed her lips as she gasped slightly at the pleasure that was burying itself in to her pussy.

“D.. Damien. What are you doing here?” she managed to get out as she turned to face him.

“Why I’m one of the largest donors of course.” he said with a smirk on his face as she subconsciously reached up and started playing with her short hair by her neck.

“Perhaps I can tell you about it over a drink?” he asked, stretching out his hand.

Before she knew what she was doing, her own hand had reached out and her fingers had touched his palm. He closed her hand around hers and a whispered moan escaped her lips as the buzzing in her pussy increased ten fold.

“Oh god Damien, yes! Yes! YES!” Tracy cried out as she bounced up and down on him, straddling him cowgirl style, her hands pushing on his chest.

His cock inside of her pussy was sending wave after wave of pleasure straight up her spine and exploding in her mind. It was all she could think of, all she was focused on, it was like her whole body was being pleasured at the same time by him and she didn’t want it to end.

She knew that one of his hands were on her ass, the other on her breast. She could feel him slapping her ass and pulling on her nipple, but it didn’t matter.

She cried out in expectancy the moment she felt him cum inside of her, her back arching, her head flung back, her eyes rolled back in their sockets. She collapsed down on top of him, hardly able to move, as he rolled her over on to her side. His lips were on her’s, his fingers snaked down her body and between her legs, and before she knew it more orgasms came.

Tracy sucked at Damien’s cock as she knelt before him, his hand intertwined in her hair. It was dyed a dark auburn and almost reached her shoulders now, because Damien had said he liked long, lighter hair and Tracy had been eager to make the change.

Just as eager as she was right now sucking away at his cock in fact. She had been dating Damien for almost six months now and to be honest she was always eager to do anything that involved Damien, and especially his cock.

Maybe it was because she was always so horny, or maybe it was because he made her so horny, or maybe it was because she always felt so happy around him, or maybe it was because she got such a thrill of doing whatever he asked of her, or maybe it was all of those things, she really didn’t know or care.

She pulled back and popped off of Damien’s cock, taking it her two hands as she did so. She looked up at him with lust in her eyes, “Come on baby, cum on my face! I know you love seeing your jizz all over my face baby, do it! DO IT!” she cried out as the first stream of cum shot forth and hit her nose.

“Oh god, I’m cumming!” she cried out as the second and third followed suit. She pumped his cock for every last drop and then dove back down on it, sucking the last of his cum and then moaning softly as her own need was satiated.

“Oh my god! A present for me?!?” Tracy cried out as she sat on the cushion that she’d taken from the couch and put on the floor. She often did that, especially when Damien was around. There was just something that felt so good about kneeling or being on the floor that made Tracey smile.

She reached up and took the small red box from Damien’s hand, letting out a giggle as she did so.

Quickly removing the bow, she flipped the box open and squealed out in joy as she flipped her long auburn hair to one side, “Does… does this mean…”

“Yep, I’m making you an honest woman.” Damien replied.

“Oh my god yes! YES!” she cried out and pulled the ring from the box, slipping it on to her finger and admiring it for just a moment before crawling over and letting her fingers fly to Damien’s zipper.

Somewhere in the back of her mind sound and colour filled her, those soft whispers she’d let in to her mind still telling her how much she wanted to be nothing more than a trophy wife, a bimbo slut, for a man like Damien Faucui. And now that it was true, she couldn’t wait for the first time he would fuck her as Mrs. Damien Faucui.