“Fuck’n bed and breakfast my ass!” Sheila thought as she stood by the bed, the lower half of her tits exposed and half naked otherwise.

She’d scheduled the trip to Schrute Farms on a whim after breaking out with her boyfriend three weeks ago, and booked just a three day stay. When she’d arrived, things had been peaceful and what she expected, a nice rural farm with a few animals and nothing else for miles around.

The perfect place to reset and get some perspective again.

She got both of those things, just neither in the way she expected.

She didn’t know exactly how they had done it, but the first night she’d had the strangest dreams. Dreams of being a high class prostitute in the city. She’d waved it off as just a strange dream due to the change in scenery, but after the second night it was too late.

The dreams came again, but this time they weren’t just ordinary dreams. She could feel her mind being “reset” to the new personality, but was unable to wake from them or do anything about it.

When she woke, she had a whole new perspective on life. She was a whore and she worked for the farm.

The rest of her vacation was filled with details of what her new life would be and what she needed to do. When she went back to the city, she reported in to the brothel that she would be working at and gave them all of her details. She even posed for some basic photographs they could use to advertise her.

And so, after taking care of some details about her old life, she started working at the brothel last week. The first few days had been a little slow, but since then things had picked up and she had five or six clients a day now. She even had her first return client just yesterday.

She heard the door knob turn and the door swung open, a man walking in and she smiled broadly and stuck her chest out as he entered.

“Hey baby, welcome to the farm. This is the bed and I am the menu, so what would you like to order?” she said and internally rolled her eyes.

It was cheesy, but true, and she would do anything she could to make it so.