“Excuse me, like, can you tell me where the towels are? giggle” Shawna as the man she’d walked up to, not really caring where the towels were at all.

For his part, the man’s eyes were wide and his mouth hung half open as he stared at her tits.

A shiver of pleasure ran through her as he did and she knew she’d chosen him wisely. She’d learned over the last few months which guys were likely to respond to her; the married ones would if the wife wasn’t around, the young ones would if they weren’t with their friends, but the older men that were clearly at the resort on some kind of business trip, well, they always responded to her.

And so it was with this guy. He was balding, a little over weight, was wearing a nearly worn out swimsuit and had a towel draped over his shoulders.

“Ugh… I think… I think just over there…” he stuttered as he pointed back the way he came.

“Like, cool! Maybe… maybe you could show me though?” she said and batted her eyelashes at him and taking a step in to him, touching his arm as she did so.

It wasn’t long before they were walking right past the towel station, heading directly towards his room and she knew she would survive another day.

Well, survive wasn’t really the right word. It wasn’t like she’d die if she didn’t get come from some random stranger at the resort or anything. It wouldn’t be pleasant, that was for sure, but she’d survive.

It was all a result of the unluckiest day of her life, that had happened while she was on vacation at the resort just a few months ago. She’d been sunning by the pool, relaxing and enjoying herself when a man had walked up to her sun cot and blocked out her sun. She’d shielded her eyes to try and figure out if it was someone she knew or something but by then it was already too late.

She’d felt her body start to twist and reshape, she’d always been thin and most considered her beautify, but soon enough she was a walking sex goddess. Big round tits, a tight waist and flaring hips. Her hair was long and bleached blonde, her lips were puffy and plump, and she was horny!

God was she horny! The man, who she still didn’t know the name of, had proceeded to use her for several days like some kind of inflatable sex doll. Sometimes in public at the pool, sometimes in her room, sometimes on the beach, but each and every time it ended with a massive orgasm when he came in or on her.

She’d been so confused when she woke up one day and couldn’t find him at the resort. It was only near the end of the day that her horniness had driven her to find some other outlet for it. And that’s how her life had been since.

Get up each morning, find a man to cum in or on her, have a massive orgasm, repeat.

For the first few days she hadn’t given it much thought, but then when her departure date came and went and she was still at the resort, she knew that he’d done something more than just make her a walking sex doll. The resort had no record of her staying there, and when she asked about who was in her room, they said it was empty.

When she checked her e-mail and social media, it was all gone. It was like she never had a life before arriving at the resort. She had mostly come to terms with it since then, the fact that he had plucked her out of reality and deposited her in some kind of unreality bubble, but one thing still bothered her.

He’d clearly put some effort in making this unreality for her, and yet he left without a single word, did he intend to return at some point?

She hoped so, because as good as the orgasms were from random guys she fucked, they just couldn’t compare to the ones she’d had when he had fucked her.