“No, no, no, no, this can’t be happening!” Selina whimpered as the fog rolled in to the living room and she rocked back and fourth in the chair.

She clutched her hands together and started to pray like her mother had taught her when she was just a child.

“It is too late for pray to your false god now little one.” the booming, menacing voice echoed through the house.

Selina’s head turned to the left, and she saw the demon standing in the doorway, the fog billowing around him as his glowing eyes were locked on to her.

“Please! Please!” she begged as the toothy grin of the demon was the only reply she received.

The demon walked over to her, the sound of his hoves on the wooden floor sending shiver of fear down her spine. She felt his hand brush back her hair and then reach down and tilt her head up so she was looking right at him.

“I have completed my part of the bargain, now it is time to fulfill yours.” he said, the sharp, pointy teeth that filled his mouth betraying the softness in his voice.

It was true, the demon had delivered everything she had wanted. Beauty, popularity, money, everything that a sixteen year old could want. Of course now ten years later she knew it was all a hallow lie. The things that truly mattered in life were not so… material.

“Please… I’ve… I’ve changed my mind… take it all back…” she pleaded with him but he simply shook he head.

“Oh no little one, that is not how it works. Now stand.” he commanded and she shook her head, closing her eyes and gripping her legs tightly.

The demon took a step back and then suddenly Selina’s body jerk, once, twice, then three times as it rose from the chair and stood before him. She could feel his power controlling her body, her mind unable to stop it as he puppetted her around to the front of the foot stool and her body bent over at the waist, steadying herself against it.

A moment later she felt something push up against her sphincter and then push inside of her, “OH MY GOD!” she cried out at the mixture of pain, pleasure and power filled her.

“Yes, I will be your god soon enough.” the demon chuckled as he replied and pushed deep inside of her ass.

With each inch deeper he went Salina felt his power push deeper and deeper in to her mind as well, until finally she felt his body press up against her ass and his power invade the deepest depths of her mind.

She let out a moan, then a growl, and then a gasp as he pulled back and then pushed forward again. He was fucking her ass… no, he was fucking her mind… no he was fucking her very soul!

She could feel him corrupting her very being with each stroke, until all that was left was the corruption and her body relaxed.

“Mmmmmm… Master, your power has corrupted me now. I feel it in my very bowels! Please Master, fill this unworthy vessel with your power!”

The demon’s toothy grin widened as he pushed once more deep in to her and released in to her his power. She screamed as the orgasm of pain and pleasure crashed over her and she collapsed on to the foot stool and chair.

Salina knelt before her Master, gently stroking his still ridged cock and kissing it, “Thank you Master, how may I serve you next?” she purred, her eyes never leaving his member.

The demon flicked his hand, a card appearing between his fingers as he did so.

“Go to this place and apply for a job as a waitress. The owner is important to my future plans, seduce him, destroy his marriage, wrap him around your little finger. When you have done so I will return and make him an offer he will not be able to refuse. Your eternal servitude for a small favour.”

She finally looked up at the demon, “Thank you Master, I shall not fail you.” she said, reverence in her eyes as the demon stepped back and walked back out of the door, the fog following him as he did.

Selina stayed on the floor, memorizing every last detail of the card she held in her hand until she was sure it was commit to memory.

Selina jerked awake and gasped. Her sheets were soaking wet, her heart was racing and her body was trembling. None the less she shot out of bed and rand down stairs to the kitchen, still naked.

Grabbing the pad of paper by the fridge and the pen she scribbled down the details of the card from her dream and let out a sigh of relief as she finished.

Her Master had claimed her tonight and given her life new meaning, she would not fail him by forgetting the most important address she had ever been given, or the name of the man that she would soon be dedicated to.