Fuck, how did she get so unlucky to fall victim to this idiot?

In a world filled with powerful mind controllers, reality warpers, and literal gods… why did she get stuck with Fitzgerald?

Sure, you had to look out for yourself, always watching for strange things happening around you that indicated someone was messing with things, but how could anyone be expected to notice Fitzgerald?

The man was the definition of ordinary. A slightly receding hairline, glasses, a little overweight, may 5 foot 8 at most. Just another nobody as far as anyone could see. And she’d gone and been nice to him.

She’d been a waitress at the time, working in a small neighbourhood pub, when he’d walked in and looked like a half drowned cat. She’d felt for him and listened to his sob story, and about half way through was when she realized she’d made a mistake.

The story had taken a twist and she soon realized the only reason he was sad was that the woman he’d been controlling for the last ten years had gotten “too old” for his liking and now he was going to have to find a new one.

It was when she felt him enter her mind and the last time she had any true free will.

The problem was that while Fitzgerald was technically a mind controller, he was so underpowered that he couldn’t really put new ideas or thoughts in to your mind, he had to work with what was there. He’d twisted that sympathy she’d had for him in to love and devotion. He’d taken her insecurities about her body and twisted them around in to a new found dedication to beauty. He’d taken her laziness and complacency and twisted them around to motivation and goal setting.

That was bad enough, but what it mean in reality was that she had spent the last twelve months working harder than she ever had at achieving the new goals Fitzgerald had set for her.

Hours each day at the gym, hours more on makeup and hair, shopping trips to replace all of her clothing, and the multiple surgeries to give her what nature hadn’t.

Now, as she stood in the bedroom by the dresser, looking like some kind of porn star, all she could do was wait for Fitzgerald to be ready to use her again.

That was the worst part of Fitzgerald and why he was truly and idiot, because after all the work she had done to become a living sex object, he refused to fuck her.

Instead all he did was have her dance and strip and masturbate in front of him.

She could hardly imagine spending, god knew how long, without getting fucked, even if it was by a complete idiot like Fitzgerald.