The genie snapped his fingers and a flash of light filled Gina’s sight, when it passed she was standing on a stage in an opera hall in front of a grand piano in a tight white dress.

She blinked several times and then frowned, “What’s this?” she asked.

“You’re wish of course Mistress.” the genie replied.

“What? I wished to be a famous singer, not some kind of… of… opera singer?”

“You are very famous Mistress, the most famous opera singer in the world. Renowned for your vocal skills and mastery of any opera you perform.”

“But… but… nobody listens to opera!”

“True, it is not as popular as other music, but your fame is worldwide.”

She rolled her eyes, “That’s not what I wanted and you know it!”

“I am just a genie Mistress, I can only grant what you wish for.”

“Fine… let’s try this again! I wish I was a famous popular music singer!”

“As you wish Mistress…” the genie said and snapped his fingers again.

Gigi touched her hair and then let her hand slide down her shoulder, across her chest to her tits.

“What the fuck!” she exclaimed as the genie looked confused.

“What is the matter Mistress?”

“What… what have you done to my body!?!”

“I have granted you your wish Mistress. You are a famous popular music star. Though your fame has come mostly from your extensive use, and promotion of plastic surgery.”

“That… that… that’s not…” Gigi sputtered as her face grew bright red.

“I have granted your wish Mistress. You now have one left.”

She clapped her jaw shut and stared daggers at the genie.

“Fine!” she spat out at him and then thought for a minute, “I wish… I wish I was famous, not because of plastic surgery, but my natural talents.”

“As yo wish Mistress…” the genie said and snapped his fingers, vanishing as he did.

“I’m a porn star because I like it! giggle” Didi replied as she leaned in to the camera and the continued, “It’s, like, what I’ve always been an natural talent for me, to like fuck and suck cock!”

“That’s great Didi, so tell me, now that you’ve won the award for best new starlet and best anal scene, what do you plan on doing next?” the man interviewing her asked.

Didi smiled and bit her lower lip a little, “Well, like, I don’t know… but maybe you can help me figure it out after the interview?” she said as her hand reached over and rubbed the front of the interviewer’s pants.

“Yes.. uhm… well, sure. I guess that’s all the questions I have for you Didi then!” he said and quickly shut off the camera as she dropped to her knees and her fingers went to his zipper.

“So, like, do you want to see why I won best new starlet, or why I won best anal scene?” she asked as she looked up at him and smiled.

“Oh fuck… anal… definitely anal!” he replied.

giggle Good, cause they’re totally the same thing! giggle