Lori licked her fingers of the melting ice cream that had run down on to them and then took the cone back in to her hand and quickly licked at the melting confection as she leaned forward to ensure none of it dripped on her outfit.

She took several more licks before she decided that it was enough and walked over to the garbage can and dropped the rest of it in.

That wasn’t true though, she hadn’t decided it was enough, that little voice in the back of her head had decided and she’d just agreed.

It was a voice that made her do all kinds of things she wouldn’t ordinarily do. Things like get dressed up in a tight pink skirt, a tiny little top that showed off her tits, and stand at the street corner waiting for a John to come and pay her to have sex with him.

This hadn’t been her plan when she moved to Miami. Yeah, ok, sure, she’d moved there for the strip clubs and she had made a lot of money dancing, but she wasn’t a hooker. Or at least she hadn’t been and even now if she’d had a choice she wouldn’t be.

That was the problem really, and the reason why she was standing on the street corner at all. When the new manager had arrived at the strip club that she worked, she’d assumed things would continue on mostly unabated. But that wasn’t to be the case at all, instead, slowly, over time, every girl that worked there started to change.

At first Lori had thought it was just a natural progression of working in the industry for a while, but she knew that wasn’t the case the first time the little voice in the back of her head admonished her for doing something she’d done a thousand times before.

It wasn’t her voice, she could tell the difference, but it was a voice that had an authority too it that was hard to deny.

Hard, but not impossible. Like the ice cream cone she’d purchased just a few minutes ago. The voice had told her not too, but she’d been able to push it out of her mind for a few minutes and get the cone anyway. Sure, the voice had come back ten fold stronger after just a few licks and she’d been tossing the cone out as soon as it did, but that was kinda the problem.

As long as she agreed with the voice, things were good. She was happy in a way that she never had been before. But when she ignored, or disagreed with the voice… well… well things like today happened.

She’d been dancing at the club last night for a regular, he had suggested something more than just dances several times but she’d always turned him down. This time though, the voice in the back of her head wanted her to agree and she’d pushed it out of her mind long enough to finish the dances.

That had been a mistake. The next morning the voice had been so powerful that she hadn’t been able to resist, she’d gotten dressed and headed down to the street to find a John.

She almost envied the other girls at the club, none of them seemed to have a problem with the voice in their heads, they’d all been giving blowjobs and extras at the club for weeks already.

Perhaps, if she was lucky, she wouldn’t find a John today and she’d have another chance at the club tonight to agree with the voice. Either way, she knew it was only a matter of time before she was agreeing with the voice no matter what it wanted her to do.