I had to admit, that while they were highly functional, the square shape of the receiving antenna were problematic in the long term.

Vivian didn’t mind of course, the energy field that generated around her head kept her very docile and compliant, as long as she stayed withing the brothel of course.

The good news was that the brothel had everything that was needed to keep her a fit and productive member of it and no one would be stupid enough to try and remove the antenna from any of the girls.

The even better news though was my latest breakthrough, “Hey Vivian… come here.” I called out to her and she turned and smiled at me as she walked over.

“Like, hi! giggle” she said as she approached and gave her tits a little shake as she clasped her hands behind her back.

“Hey, I want you to stay perfectly still for a minute, can you do that for me?”

giggle Like, of course I can!” she replied and the little sway of her body came to rest.

I pulled a small case out of my pocket and cracked it open, inside were two small stud earrings with large pearls on them. I wedged the case between her tits and then reached up and removed her right earring and tossed it to the side.

The look in her eyes immediately changed to one of confusion as the energy field collapsed around her, “Wha…” she managed to get out but I just continued to work.

By the time she had raised her hand to her forehead, I’d all ready discarded the other antenna and had pulled the second earring from the case.

“What’s going on… where am I?” she managed to get out just as I slipped the pearl earring in to place and I took a step back.

“Vivian… snap focus… snap focus on me…snap” I said, snapping my fingers several times. Her eyes snapped forward to me and before she could say another word I saw them glaze over and the smile slowly creep across her lips once more.

“Umm… like… what was I saying? giggle” she asked as the energy field once more established itself around her head.

“I think you were saying how much you wanted to suck my cock.” I said, with a smile on my lips.

Her face lite up, “Oh my god yes! Like I totally loooooove to suck cock! giggle” she replied and then dropped to her knees, her fingers going straight for my zipper.

I didn’t stop her and soon enough her lips were wrapped around my dick and she was sucking for all she was worth. I turned my head over to the table where my laptop was sitting and watched several graphs outputting the data that was being collected. I would have to spend some time analyzing it in detail, but the numbers looked good so far.

Vivian grabbed a hold of my thigh, just where my pocket was and I felt the second case I had on me press in to it. Diana was in the next room where Rob was putting a second piercing in to her tongue, she should be ready by the time Vivian was finished here.

My simulations on using the smaller antenna in the ears had shown a virtually identical field strength as the original antenna and so I was not particularly worried about Vivian, but the simulations on the dual tongue antenna were less conclusive, with some showing a field strength of only 75% and others at 120%.

Though even at 75% it should be enough to do the job, but there was only one way to find out for sure, which is where Diana came in. She’d been the one to give me the idea in the first place, as I’d enjoyed the feeling of her tongue stud on my dick many times in the past.