Katie touched her lips and knew someone had applied lipstick to them, even if she couldn’t see it. She’d already felt around to the back of the mask that covered her eyes and was pretty sure she could remove it, but was hesitant. She didn’t know where she was, if there was anyone else in the room, or what they would do if she did.

Instead she’d figured out that her wrists and ankles were in leather cuffs which were chained together, she was wearing lingerie of some kind, she had a mid sized set of heels on her feet, and that her hair and makeup were done.

She’d only been awake for a few minutes, having woken up sprawled out on the floor when she woke up, and still knew nothing about her surroundings.

She was about to start walking towards, well, a wall hopefully, when she heard a doorknob turn and she froze in place. It was followed by footsteps that came to a stop just in front of her.

“What… what do you want?” she asked hesitantly.

“Full name please.” a man demanded.

She only hesitated for a moment, “Katie… Katie Chan.”

“And your address is 345 Riverside Drive?”

“Y… yes.”

“Good. ID confirmed.” he said and she heard him tap on a tablet that he must have been reading from.

“Tell… tell me what’s going on!” she almost cried out as she found some courage.

The man let out a sigh, “Look, just don’t fight it, ok? It’s better if you don’t fight it…” he said and then tapped the tablet hard.

Katie’s vision was filled with swirling colours and blaring music echoed in the room. Her hands leapt to her ears to try and cover it but they were ineffective. Without any effect on the sound, she reached behind her head to undo the blindfold, that was obviously some kind of display as well, only to find it locked in place.

With the continued onslaught of the blinding light and deafening sound, she could only curl up in to a ball and fight it with all she had.

Evan watched the live stream of his ex-girlfriend withering on the floor, in the panel next to it was a series of progress indicators, which at the moment were all hovering around 30% complete.

He had struggled with the decision to have her processed, a common enough event in this day and age, but he was still a little old fashioned that way. He’d really thought that they had something special, and as such, he’d tried his hardest to move on. It was just not to be though and now after nearly a year, he’d broken down and had it done.

He was looking forward to her delivery, they had said it would be a week or so, no more than two, before she was ready and he was struggling with that as well.

Not because he couldn’t wait for her to arrive, but because once he had started watching the live stream, with her struggling against the programming as the numbers slowly but surely crept upwards, he realized that this was what he wanted. Not some end product trophy wife that would dutifully obey and honour him, but a struggling, desperate little girl that would always fail in the end.

He picked up his phone and dialed the number he had, and a smile crossed his lips, hopefully he wasn’t too late to change his order.