“Pardon Moi, Mousier.” Marie said in her thick French accent, “I mus cleen ere.”

She was pointing at where I was sitting and I smiled, “Of course Marie, of course.”

I stood up and she started dusting the chair with the feather duster she carried, bending over at the waist to do so, giving me a full view of her round, firm ass. I resisted the temptation to reach out and grab it, not because she would have objected, but because I knew what was coming next.

You see, Mary was born and raised right here in the city, and didn’t know a single word of French. She was also highly driven, educated, and a high earner. Or at least she had been.

She had been sent by Corporate to check in on my department, to see what she could “improve”. Which roughly translated how many people she could fire before the department would no longer function.

It was my own fault to some degree, I’d been siphoning off funds from the main projects for my own private ones for years, someone was bound to notice. And whoever had, had sent Mary. Fortunately she’d arrived just in time for the final testing of the collar that was now secured around her neck.

Drugging her coffee had been easy enough, which allowed me to secure the collar around her neck. By the time she’d woken up, she had a completely new attitude towards me and my department. Her enthusiastic recommendation to increase, not decrease, my budget had gone over like a led ballon, and in the end the higher ups had decided to leave my budget alone, but that was a win.

Marie stood back up and smiled at me, “Merci Mousier.” she said with little curtsy before turning around and starting to dust the window in front of my favorite chair.

This time I didn’t resist and reached out with both hands and grabbed her ass, giving it a good hard squeeze.

“Ooooo! Mousier! You ave such stong handz!” she replied, letting out a moan and leaning forward so that she was right up against the window.

I let go and flipping up her short skirt, revealing her bare ass. I slide my fingers between her legs and rubbed her already moistening pussy.

“Ah! Mousier! Marie’s puzzy is zo wet!”

Opening my rob with my free hand I stepped in and slipped my hard shaft between her legs and across her pussy several times before sliding it between her eager lips.

“Mousier! Mousier! Oui! Oui! Fuck ze puzzy! Fuck ze puzzy!”

I pushed in all the way as she squashed her tits against the window, her hands up against it as well, her breath causing the window to steam up just a bit with each exhale.

I pulled back and thrust in several times, her voice crying out in pleasure with each one, until I could hold out no longer.

“Oui! Oui! Oui! Cum in ze puzzy! Cum in ze puzzy!” she cried out as she felt the first spurts of cum fill her.

Her whole body shivered as her orgasm crashed over her. After a moment I pulled out and watched her clench her pussy shut, holding my cum inside of her.

“Pardon Moi, Miousier, Marie muzt not make a mezz!” she said, turning and trotting quickly towards the bathroom, her pussy still clenched shut.

I smiled and chuckled a little as I sat back down, she wouldn’t be long, there was still my dick to clean and the mess she had made on the window. Both would be spotless before she moved on to the next room to clean.