Rebbecca stood on the coffee table in her heels and bathing suit, unable to move other than to turn her head, which she did toward Domenic.

“Please Dom, don’t do this, I can pay back the money!” she pleaded in a soft voice, unable to raise it any louder.

Dom smirked and shook his head, “Becky, you well know that it’s too late for that. You had your chance, now you have to pay your debt another way.” he replied, typing away on his laptop.

“Dom… plea…” she started but with another keystroke her lips froze in place and her head turned forward. Leaving her only with the sound of the clicking of the keys and her own thoughts.

In her mind she was still trying to figure a way out of the mess she’d gotten herself in to, but she knew it was pointless.

‘Damn it!’ she thought, ‘Why did I have to go to the black market?’

It was must over a year ago she’d gone to the black market for the implant, a neural enhancer, that allowed her to work faster and smarted than most. They were highly illegal of course, and no reputable surgeon would implant one even if you could track one down. But her life had been going no where, stuck in a low level office job, she needed something to kick start things, and the implant had certainly done that!

She’d quickly been promoted up the ladder until she was a senior manager. But it wasn’t just that, other things had clicked in to place as well. Makeup and fashion had become simple, she hardly had to think about them, she just did them. She also quickly realized the benefits of regular exercise, and added the gym to her daily routine.

The problem had come about three months ago, there was nothing wrong with the implant, but she realized she’d been taken advantage of in the original deal. Instead of a one time payment, she had committed to 30% of everything she made about her original pay, forever.

She’d decided to stop paying the exorbitant fee and instead only give them 30% of her original salary. That hadn’t gone over well, but she’d thought she’d managed to talk her way out of it, but now realized they had only been waiting for the right time to act.

Today was the start of her two week vacation, she should be on a plane right then, if she hadn’t watched Dom cancel her trip on her computer after she’d given him the password. It wasn’t like she’d wanted to give it to him, but the implant had just spit the information out as soon as he’d asked.

Rebbecca felt a strange sensation in her mind, not a headache, but more like a light buzz, and then heard Dom close his laptop and stand up. He walked around in front of her and smiled.

“Ok, let’s give you a test. Stand at attention.”

Rebbecca’s arms snapped to her sides, her feet came together and she pushed her chest out.

“Good, alright, engage Becky 1.0.” he said and Rebbecca’s mind begane to swirl as the implant pushed reams of data in to her mind.

Becky blinked and relaxed, a smile crossing her lips, “Uhm, like hi!” she said, smiling down at Dom.

“Hi Becky, can you tell me who I am?”

“*giggle* Of course! You’re Dom, my pimp!”

“Good, very good Becky. Alright who are you?”

“Like I’m Becky Blowjob, one of your hoes! *giggle* Uhm, like Dom? What’s Becky doing standing on the coffee table?”

“Don’t worry about that Becky, can you tell me where you are?”

“*giggle* Like, silly, I’m in the condo you set me up in, so I can totally fuck and suck all the guys you send to me!”

“Perfect. Alright Becky, I think you’re all set. You can get down off the coffee table now.”

Becky giggled and gently stepped from the coffee table, taking Dom’s proffered hand as she did.

“Well, I’ve got to go Becky. I’ll be sending you some John’s soon, so make sure your ready when they arrive.”

“Like, always Dom! *giggle* Uhm, Dom, can’t you stay a bit? I really need to suck on a cock and you’ve been so good to me.”

“Well, I guess I could stay for a little bit…”

Dom looked down at Becky, her head bobbing back and forth as she sucked his dick, eagerly and expertly. The data he’d uploaded to her implant was filled with the best techniques for everything from blow jobs to titty fucks to anal. Becky was an expert in all of them now.

Of course Rebbecca he’d know this would be her fate the first time she’d stepped in to he back ally wetwork shop that he ran. Sure the implant he’d put in her head did what he claimed it would, increasing her intelligence and memory, but it did other things as well.

Like install the desire to improve her looks, work as hard as she could, and have disdain for the agreement she’d made. If she’d kept up her end of the bargain he would have left her alone, but it always ended the same way. Which was the plan, these high end whores made far more than the 30% cut, and Becky would be no different.

He’d already sent in her resignation letter to her old work and started the paperwork to transfer her condo and car in to his name.

Dom reached down and grabbed a fistful of Becky’s hair and pulled her off of his dick, she let out a gasp as she tried to get her mouth around him again.

“Show me those tits Becky.” he said and she let out a squeal and pulled her swimsuit down over her tits, “Damn those aren’t half bad Becky.”

Becky squeezed them together around his cock and started to slide up and down, “Thanks baby! I love a good titty fuck! You wanna cum on my tits baby? Or my face? Oh god, do you want to fuck my needy little pussy? Oh god baby, oh god baby, tell me you wanna fuck my ass! I love a big hard cock in my ass!”

Dom grabbed a hold of her hair again and pushed her down just a bit so her face was back in front of my dick. Her hands flew to my shaft and started pumping it, “Oh god yes baby! Cum on my face! Cum on my face like the dirty little whore I am!”

The first steam of cum hit her face and her whole body shook as her eyes rolled back in her head, each subsequent stream sent a jolt through her as several orgasm washed over her.

As soon as they ended Becky dove back down on to Dom’s shaft and sucked the last of the cum from his balls, leaving him spotless when she was done.

“Like, oh my god, thank you Dom, I totally needed that! *giggle*” she said, just as she was about to stand up.

“Hang on a sec Becky, stay right there.” he said and walked over to his laptop case and retrieved his phone. Dom walked back over and unlocked his phone.

“Smile for the camera Becky.” he said and she did as he snapped several photos as she licked her lips and giggled.

Dom flipped through several until he found one that had the right mix of elements and then assigned it to her contact.

“Great Becky. Go get cleaned up and I’ll send you your first John in an hour or so. I’ll be back in a few days.”

“For sure Dom! For sure! Dom… do you think when you come back, like, you can fuck me with that big hard cock of yours?” she cooed at him.

“Maybe. If you do well and I get good feedback from your Johns.”

“Oh my god, I’ll totally be the best whore ever Dom! You’ll, like, see!”

Dom smiled and patted her on the head as he turned to leave, “I’m sure you will be, I’m sure you will be.”