“So, do you think she knows what she’s in for?” Barry asked as he held the mask over the patients face, the woman having drifted off under the anesthetic a few moments before.

“I doubt it, do any of them?” Mark the nurse applying antiseptic to the woman’s chest replied.

“Yeah, I guess, but you’d think at least one of them would catch on.”

Mark just shrugged and continued his work. Barry wasn’t sure exactly how the Doc got away with it, but he had a least one woman a week under the knife, that instead of them receiving the “normal” sized breast augmentation they requested, got a giant pair of tits stuck to their chest.

He’d been there several times when they woke up in recovery, a few minutes later he’d heard their voices screaming at the top of their lungs cursing the Doc out. Then… quiet.

It was like something switched off in their heads and the Doc started calmly explaining it to them. He’d managed to get close enough to watch the fireworks once, and then the patient calmly nodding along with the Doc as he spoke.

When the patients left, they were all smiles, every single one of them.

Barry’s gaze wondered over to the counter at the side of the operating room and shook his head, those were the largest implants he’d ever seen. But the woman already had an impressive set of implants in her, so he guessed the Doc knew what he was doing.

Just as Mark was finishing up, the Doc walked in, all glove and masked up, “Is she under Barry?” he asked.

“Yeah Doc, all good here.” he replied.

The Doc just nodded and went to the side of the woman, inspecting her chest and the marks he’d made with a marker on it. The Doc wasted no time and started working as soon as Mark handed him the scalpel.

Barry focused on his own work, he’d considered a few times trying to track down what happened to the women, or asking the Doc about it, but he always pushed that thought out of his mind as soon as it entered.

He didn’t want the Doc to have to have a conversation like he did with the women. If the Doc did, who knew what might be added… or removed, from Barry’s body and he had no desire to take that kind of risk just to satisfy his curiosity.