Tammi felt the tug of her pants and underwear and she let out a little moan as she pulled down on the weight machine.

“Coming along well there Tammi” Doug said as he let the elastic of the material go and it snapped back in to place. His hands next tool hold of each of her ass cheeks and gave them a squeeze.

“Nice and firm too.” was all he said as he did so.

“Th… thanks Doug… *moan*” she replied, holding on to the bar of the weight machine for dear life, here eyes never leaving the colourful display mounted on the wall behind the machine, as the pleasure coursed through her body from his hands.

She’d been coming to the gym for six months now an it had changed her life in so many ways. Ways she would never have imagined in the beginning. She’d moved in to the neighbourhood for work and she’d always meant to start going to the gym, but she’d never managed to get there for some reason. So when the flyer had been slipped under her apartment door one night with the offer of three free months, she’d decided to give it a try.

The first few visits had been like a half dozen other times she’d tried out a gym, boring and tiresome. Guy’s hitting on her, girls leering at her, and cliques she thought she’d long ago left behind her from high school.

That was until Doug had dropped by and invited her in to the VIP area of the gym, where each piece of equipment had it’s own private alcove where no one elese could see it. Suddenly things had seemed a lot better and over the next week or so she’d started going more and more often.

Now she was at the gym every day, her body as tight and firm, she was in the best shape of her life!

“So Tammi, how are you feeling about the gym these days?” Doug asked and Tammi parted her lips as her eyes glazed over, defocussing on the display.

“I love the gym Doug! I especially enjoy obeying the personal trainers, they always know what’s best for me!” she said confidently as if she’d said it a thousand times before.

“Good, let’s check that. Turn around.” he said and Tammi let go of the weight machine and turned towards Doug. She gasped ever so slightly as Doug came in to view, her eyes dilated and her nipples hardened.

“Get undressed.” he said simply and Tammi quickly pulled her top up over her head and tossed it to the side, revealing he perky breasts. She quickly pulled her pants and underwear down as well, kicking her shoes off and then tossing them aside.

“Good, now turn around again and grab your ankles, don’t let go until I tell you to.”

Tammi quickly complied and it wasn’t long before Doug’s hands were on her ass again, then his dick was inside of her, and then she was in heaven.

Doug held her hips firmly, rocking her back and forth along the length of his dick and she let out moans and gasps as he did. In her mind she could see herself as if from Doug’s viewpoint, her firm round ass rocking back and forth and no other part of her body in view. It was like she was an piece of exercise equipment that he was using and the idea sent a jolt of pleasure to her pussy.

It wasn’t long before another jolt shot through her as Doug’s cum filled her and an orgasm washed over her.

Doug let go of her hips and she managed to maintain her balance, her hands firmly gripping her ankles all the while his cum dribbled down her thigh.

“Good job Tammi, stay like that for… let’s say 20 minutes more and then go get cleaned up. I’ve booked you in this alcove Monday to Friday, from 3 to 5pm. You’ll be doing 20 minutes on the machine and then 30 minutes gripping your ankles, then 10 minutes of cleanup. And make sure you’re in tip top condition, I expect all of my equipment to work flawlessly, understand?”

“Oh yes! Yes I do! Thank you Doug, I won’t let you down, my ass is going to be the best piece of equipment you own!”

Doug reached out and gave her ass a slap, “You’d better believe it Tammi, I’ve got a list of customers as long as my arm signed up to use it already.” he said with a chuckle and then pulled up his shorts and walked out of the alcove.