“What… what… what do you mean you own me?” Taylor asked, the look of concern growing ever more severe on her face.

She already knew what he meant, she had for quite some time, but her conscious mind still fought against the truth of it.

“Come now Taylor… isn’t it time to stop playing these games?” Derek replied with a wolfish grin on his lips.

She wanted to say no, that it wasn’t a game, but the moistness between her legs inferred otherwise as she stood naked before him. She’d been coming over to his place for months now, first just as “friends with benefits”, then as lovers, until finally she just came whenever he commanded her to.

She had known the relationship, if you could call it that, had gone off the rails when he’d called her over one afternoon and had her give him a blowjob, thank him for the cum, and then immediately left.

Since then things had gone even farther downhill. She would degrade and humiliate herself at every opportunity in front of him, just for the opportunity to get fucked by him.

But in her mind, at least the part that she would admit to, she thought it was just a game or something he was playing with her. That he really liked her and wanted to be with her.

“Behind those scared little eyes I know you recognize the truth… I’ve been manipulating your mind since the first day we meet.”

She let out a little whimper as the memory of them meeting at the community mailbox flashed back in to her mind. He was at least twice her age and not someone she would have been interested in by any stretch of the imagination. She’d been polite when he struck up a conversation with her and she’d paid him no more attention when the parted ways.

Over the next few weeks she seemed to always be running in to him, at the mailbox, at the grocery store, at the gas station, all kinds of places and each time it would be the same thing. A pleasant, if unremarkable conversation before they went their separate ways.

She wasn’t sure exactly when she’d started considering him a friend in her own mind, but when he’d invited her back to his place one day after picking up the mail, she’d said yes. “Friends” became “Friends with benefits” quickly after that.

“That… that can’t be true…” she said with a slight pout.

“It can’t?” he asked.

She shook her head, but it was hard to deny in reality. Why else would she be fucking her neighbour?

She’d had a boyfriend when the first met, but she’d sabotaged that relationship and kicked him out soon enough. She had never thought of Derek in that way before but now he was the only man she could think of when she daydreamed or masturbated. She had never been submissive in a relationship before but now she couldn’t deny Derek anything he asked for.

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll make it simple. There are your clothes…” he said pointing at her clothes she had tossed on to the chair just to the side of her a few minutes ago when he’d commanded her to strip.

“All you have to do is put them on and walk out of my house. If you do that, you’ll prove that you aren’t my property.”

Her eyes darted to the pile of clothes and then back to Derek.

“Or… you can come over her, get down on your knees and admit that I am your owner, right before you suck my cock and swallow my cum.”

Her whole body shivered in pleasure at the thought of tasting his cum and her lower lip quivered as her eyes darted between the clothing and Derek several times.

Then a calmness came over her, her face went slack for a moment and all the stress flowed out of her. A smile crossed her lips as she took a step toward Derek and she knew she had made the right choice.

Because it was the choice Derek wanted and he was her owner.