Perhaps it had been a mistake to agree to appear in the calendar, Officer Maria Alvarez thought as she posed in her uniform and smiled at the camera.

Sure it was for a good cause and all, but it was taken an entire day out of her work that she could be using to track down the drug dealers that were the scourge of her district. She’d worked her ass off to nail them since the first day she’d graduated the academy and she was closer than she ever had been before.

Though her dogged pursuit of them had caused her trouble in the past, including torpedoing a promotion that would have seen her make detective. A frown crossed her lips thinking of her superiors that seemed more interest in keeping the local business owners happy than tracking down the drug dealers that were ruining the lives of those that lived in the city.

She heard the photographer let out an exaggerated sigh and she knew he wasn’t happy at the frown, just like the half dozen other times he had. She forced a smile back to her lips before he could say anything and they continued.

It was a few minutes later that the photographer’s assistant came in to view and approached her, holding a glass or water he extended it to her, “Here, you look thirsty…”

She genuinely smiled and took the proffered glass, she was thirsty, the bright hot lights of the studio made sure of that. The lip of the glass touched her own lips and she took a long drink. As soon as the glass left her lips, she smacked her lips and then raised it up and took another drink from it.

By the time she realized something was off, it was too late and she guzzled the last of the water down just in time for the assistant to take the glass from her fingers.

“What… but… I’m a police officer…” she managed to get out before she felt the pill start to take effect.

She felt it all over her body, but more intensely in her buttocks. She watched her breasts grow larger, her dark short hair trickle down her back, her waist constrict, her lips fill out, but it was the increasing roundness of her ass that was the dominate change.

The changes started to slow, but then she felt the pill invade her mind and she let out a gasp as the assistant leaned in and spoke in to her ear, “You’re just a public servant, eager to serve and obey anyone in charge.”

The words reverberated through her mind as an orgasm crashed over her and her collapsed on to the floor.

Maria looked over her shoulder as the flash of the camera went off once more, she loved the new uniform the photographer had given her, because, well, he’d told her he did and he was in charge.

Just like she loved showing off her ass, as it was her best feature, he’d told her that as well. She maneuvered the riding crop she had in her hand around to her ass and slapped herself several times with it, making sure the camera caught the redness it left behind.

It wasn’t long before she was showing off her tits and pussy too, using the crop of them as well, just as the photographer told her to.

When the photo shoot was over, she came over to the photographer who was standing beside someone she was sure she should recognize.

“Maria, you remember Captain Harwell don’t you?”

“Oh my god yes! Hi Captain! giggle” she replied, the Captain was her sergeants boss, and that fact made shivers of pleasure course through her body.

“Hello Maria, I just want to thank you for doing this photo shoot, the police charity really appreciates it.”

“Like, sure thing!”

“Oh, I also wanted to let you know that you’ve been reassigned to a special project, that reports directly to me. If that’s alright with you of course…”

The shivers of pleasure grew more intense, “Oh of course Captain! I’m ready to serve and obey you.”

Captain Harwell smiled, “Good, very good. Let’s go in to Justine’s office and discuss the details of your assignment. You don’t mind if I use your office for a little while do you Justine?”

“Of course not Captain, be my guest.”

Maria just giggled as the Captain’s arm wraped around her waist and he lead her towards the office at the back of the studio.