Well, summer is over ?

Summer is never a particularly productive time for my writing, so not too much new stuff has come along, however there are a few things of note:

  • I’ve complete tagging/catagorizing posts for 2019, so that means about 25% of my posts are complete (for reference I had started back on August 15th I had 20% coverted. At that rate, 5% every 7 weeks, I’ve got about 2 years or work left ?
  • I’ve passed 2700 posts on the blog!
  • I just create the 200th First World Bimbo Problems, it’s scheduled for November 27th, 2022 ?
  • I have dual weekend posts scheduled up to July 2022, and single weekend posts up to December 2022, I should finish up the weekend posts for the rest of the year in the next few weeks.

On that note, I’m going to be changing my posting for next year, as much as pre-writing a couple of hundred posts for this year was fun, it did leave me with a bit of a problem. If I wanted to write something that was more relevant to current events, well, that meant I had to do a pile of work shuffuling stuff around in my queue.

As such, once I finish up the dual weekend posts, I won’t be doing a big push to fill in the weekday posts. Insteaed I’ll stop writing once I get two or three weeks ahead, depending on what I feel like.

This may result in some weeks only have the pre-written weekend posts, or a scattering of weekday posts, but I think it will work better for me in the long run.

As an update on follower counts since my last post on July 1st:

  • 312 (+25%) followers on BDSMLR
  • 264 (+4%) on Literotica, along with
  • 343 (+22%) on DeviantArt

My blog traffic has been increasing over time, if my stats plugin is to be believed I’m getting about 280-350 (+29%) visitors a day with about 1500-1900 (+70%) page views (some days spike up to over 2300, I assume because a few people browse back through my old posts).

Anyway, as always, thanks for all the likes, notes, messages and feedback.