Lisa looked up at be with concern in her eyes, “But… but… I’ve already…” she sputtered as she sat on the floor in an outfit I’d picked out for her.

I smiled down at her and reached out to stroke her head, “I know you have, you’ve come so far, and I appreciate it. I really do. It’s not really all that much more to ask for is it?”

I watched her lower lip quiver as her forehead creased even more, it was fun watching her try to justify not only what she had done, but what she was about to do.

I’d met her while looking for a new place in the city, she’d been walking down the hallway of the condo tower just as the real estate agent was taking me to the unit just down from Lisa’s. She’d looked stern even then, walking briskly past me in a power suit of some kind and I’d instantly known I’d be buy the unit I was about to be shown.

Once I’d moved in I’d made sure to ‘bump’ in to her a few more times and with each encounter I’d been able to slip deeper and deeper in to her mind. It wasn’t long it was before her mind wasn’t the only thing I was slipping in to.

It had been a real struggle for her though, as a CFO of a fortune 500 company she had a certain self image, and my continued approval of a less ‘independent’ version of herself came in conflict with that.

It had taken a while to get her to this place, accepting of a subordinate role in our relationship, even if she still harboured some ill feelings towards it. Those feelings though were simply no match for the pleasure and orgasms that submitting to me brought on.

They did surface again at times like this though, when I was pushing for something even more against her old self image, and I did appreciate the look on her face when they did.

“I… I don’t want to… please…” she managed to get out as my fingers ran down the side of her face and I tilted her head upwards even more.

“Come on, just think back to your grandmother, just like you told me the other day…” I said and slipped in to her mind once more, digging up the memories and bringing the ones I wanted to the fore.

Her lips parted as her eyes lost focus for a moment and I felt her mind struggle with the dichotomy I was asking of her.

“Think of all the good memories you have of her and her terrible broken English. How much you it brought you every time you heard her voice when you went over for a visit. How much you loved her…”

Lisa’s whole body shivered and I felt goosebumps form under my fingers, “There you go… right there.” I said as I removed my hand from her face and watched her eyes roll back in her head for just a moment before returning and a smile crossing her lips.

“Now then, what do you say?”

Lisa titled her head to the side slightly, “Lili so horny. Lili suck cock mister. Lili love you long time.” she replied in a clipped tone.

I undid my robe and let it fall to the ground and Lisa’s eyes locked on to my erect member instantly as she let out a gasp.

“You so big Mister! Lili love big cock! Lili suck you real good!” she managed to get out before her lips dove down on to me.

I enjoyed the loud slurping and gargling sounds coming from her as she bobbed up and down my shaft, but I made sure to keep the pressure on her pleasure centers of her mind as she did. It was a simple but effective technique, and after a few dozen sessions like this one she would eagerly be speaking like someone who had just come off the boat instead of a third generation resident.

I was looking forward to the day she moved in as my full time concubine, but then again, getting her there was half the fun too.

I reached down and grabbed hold of the sides of her head and really leaned in to her. Even a few weeks ago she would have fought against this to some degree, but now her arms dangled limply at her sides as she let me push deeply in to her throat.

When I was ready, I simply pulled out and held her head steady. Her hands flew to my cock and started to stroke it, aiming it directly at her face until the streams of cum started to spray all over her face.

Her orgasm coincided with the first stream hitting her and my push inside of her head kept it going far longer than it would have otherwise.

Finally, when her orgasm had ended she smiled and looked up at me, “Lili love you long time mister…” then she licked some of the cum from her face and slipped me between her lips once more to get as much as she could.

I stroked her head a few more times, satisfied with the progress I’d made with her. It would be a few more weeks before she was ready to move in, and then I’d play with her for a few weeks after that.

I figured a month, maybe six weeks, which meant it was time to contact my real estate agent and start looking for my next condo unit where I could setup with another woman, just like the dozens of condo units I already owned, along with their residents.