“Tammy, Tammy, Tammy. Really? Is that as large as you went?” Kevin asked of the blonde sitting across from him and he watched her inflated lips form in to some kind of pout and what little movement she could manage in her face turn downward.

“But… but… it’s as large as the Doctor could go…” she replied and looked down at her newly purchased tits that were threatening to burst out of the low cut top she had put on.

Kevin just shook his head, “And how is that my problem. I told you not to call me again until you thought they were big enough to impress me… at those big enough Tammy?” he replied, waving at her tits with a questioning look on his face.

Tears threated to form in Tammy’s eyes, but she held them back, “I… maybe… please… I really need you to fuck them…”

“God no, I mean Jessi is waiting for me back at my place and her tits are nearly twice the size of yours. Why would I ever fuck those things? I’ve got to have standards you know.”

“Please… please, I’ll do anything…”

“Apparently not, otherwise you wouldn’t have called me until you’d gotten another surgery, or two.” Kevin replied, shaking his head again.

He almost felt bad for her, she’d had so little to start with and he’d really messed with her mind when she’d tried to give him a speeding ticket six months ago.

He had to admit, if only to himself, that she’d actually done a pretty good job. The stern police officer, with dark brown hair, thin lips and lines in her forehead was nowhere to be found now.

He did enjoy seeing just how much a person could change themselves on just the simplest of commands from him, and Tammy’s transformation was pretty impressive.

“I’ll tell you what Tammy… see that guy over there sitting alone?”

Tammy turned her head to see the older, balding, overweight man sitting at a table by himself. She turned back and nodded to Kevin.

“Well, if you go over there and convince him to fuck you mouth, tits, pussy and ass, all over the next week, and he tells you honestly, that fucking your tits was the of them all… then you can call me and I’ll fuck those tits just as they are. If not, well, you know what to do after that don’t you?”

Tammy nodded again and then closed her eyes for a moment to collect herself. When she opened them she stood up and walked over to the man, a smile on her face.

Kevin smiled himself, though not at what Tammy was doing at the moment, but at the memory of that day when she’d written him that ticket. He’d paid the ticket of course, he didn’t break the law after all, that would be wrong. But looking at Tammy now in comparison to then just proved the power of his words and he made a mental note to try them again sometime.

“You need big, impressive, fake tits to get me to fuck them slut.”