“See Lana, I told you he had a big dick…” Erin whispered in to her friends ear as she looked over at me.

I smiled as Lana just nodded her head slightly as she stared directly ahead at the swirling pattern on the display across from her.

“And you love a man with a big dick don’t you?” Erin continued.

Lana again just nodded along as Erin continued to speak softly to her. This had been going on for several months now and Lana was finally at the point that I could attend these little programming sessions.

As a die hard lesbian Lana had been more challenging that Erin to bring around, but things were progressing well now and Lana had taken on many of the traits that Erin had been pushing her towards.

Erin had been much easier to program, even though she had been one of my first. She’d already been infatuated with me and so a few session with the spiral had been more than enough to make her my good little slave.

That had been three years ago, and since then I’d moved on from Erin, but that didn’t mean we didn’t keep in touch. On the contrary, Erin was always on the lookout for new slaves for me and often started their indoctrination before even informing me of them. Which worked out well as Erin could weed out those that weren’t susceptible to the spiral, or those that didn’t live up to my physical standards.

Lana, while more resistant than most, was certainly under the spirals influence. After the first time the two of them had sex, well there was no doubt about her physical appropriateness.

“Don’t you want to serve his dick like I do? Don’t you want to serve his dick with me? Don’t you want to be my dick slave twin?” Erin said to Lana’s nodding head.

Erin pulled back and slipped off the bed behind Lana, making sure not to disrupt the enthralled woman as she made way over to me.

“Master, have I done well?” Erin asked, bowing her head to me.

I smiled and looked down at her, “Yes you have Slave. She seems well on her way, perhaps another week of sessions?”

“Yes Master, I believe so.”

I nodded, “Are you going to continue with the purple theme for her?”

“No Master, she was hesitant to match my red, but she will come around shortly.”


Erin smiled but said nothing more, but I knew what she wanted.

“You may have your reward now.” I said and her eyes lit up as she slipped down to her knees and fished my dick out from my pants.

Her lips wrapped around it and she started sucking like the pro she was. It was always nice to come back and relive the oldies once in a while, but what was really interesting to me was Lana’s reaction to the sounds of her lover sucking cock.

Lana’s eyes were wide, her mouth opening and closing a little as her tongue darted between her lips. I reached down an held Erin’s head still for a moment and Lana movements stopped. I let Erin continue and Lana’s actions start up again.

Erin might have been wrong about the week, Lana seemed farther along than Erin though, or perhaps Erin had other plans for Lana. Either way, a week was fine, I had other playthings to enjoy while I waited.

Erin, eagerly working on her reward, moved faster and faster until my cum finally filled her mouth and her orgasm crashed over her. She didn’t notice the resulting orgasm in Lana, but I did and looked forward to seeing them both again soon.