“Look, I’ve humoured you so far, but enough with this hypnotism crap ok?” Jessi said as she cocked her hip to the side an put her hand on it.

Mark smiled at her, “Crap is it? Well it’s worked pretty well so far!”

Jessi rolled her eyes and sighed then shook her head, “Yeah right, like I’m here because you used your ‘hypnotism’ to convince me to be. Get a life Mark.” What she didn’t say was the real reason for her being here, the giant crush she’d developed on him over the last little while.

Mark chuckled a bit, “In that case… how long have we known each other for Jessi?”

Jessi thought about it for a moment, “Well, I don’t know, I mean it seems like forever really.” she replied, trying to search her memory for the first time she’d met Mark but was having remembering him before a few hours ago at the fashion show.

“Right, sure, and exactly what are we doing walking back to my hotel room?”

“Well… ugh… where else would we be going?” she replied, less sure of her answer all of a sudden.

“And what might this be?” he asked, pulling something from his pocket and holding up in front of her. A small crystal pendant fell from his grip on a chain and sparkled in the daylight.

Her eyes widened instantly and her mouth hung open a little, “That… that’s… so pretty…” she managed to get out just as it started to swing from side to side in front of her.

“That’s right Jessi. So, so, pretty isn’t it? So pretty that you can’t look away. So pretty that you’re eyes can help but track it as it swings from side to side.”

“Pretty…” Jessi let out in a low whisper as her eyes followed it’s pendulum motion in front of her.

“That’s good Jessi. Now that there isn’t a crowd around, let’s talk a little more about you.”

“Oh… ok… so pretty…” she replied in the same soft tones.

“Now then, that crush you have on me that we talked about before, it’s just been getting worse and worse hasn’t it?”

Her eyes continued to track the crystal even as her head nodded up and down.

“So much so that you can hardly contain yourself any more. Your just so desperate to show me how you’d do anything to get in to my pants, no matter how humiliating or degrading.”

“God… yes… need to… get into… your pants… so pretty…”

“You know that once you do that you’ll be fully committed, body and soul, to me and only me. No other man or woman will even cross your mind again.”

“Yes… fully… committed… so pretty…”

“Good Jessi, good.” he replied and then in a single motion jerked the chain and crystal up into his hand again and put it back in his pocket.

Jessi blinked several times and let out a sigh, “Ah… what were we talking about?”

“Oh, we were just discussing if your pussy was shaved or not.”

She rolled her eyes again, “Well of course it is, I’m not a barbarian!”

“Oh, well, it’s just I’ve met others who say the same thing but turn out to be… not well maintained if you know what I mean.”

“Well, that’s not me!” she said defiantly.

“Tell you what, we’re just about to my hotel anyway, why don’t you take your panties off and lift up your dress so I can see. I wouldn’t want to have to kick you out of my room after all.”

Jessi looked around the street, there wasn’t anyone else insight, “Well… I…” she started to say but then realized what he was saying.

She couldn’t risk being kicked out of his room, she was desperate to get in to his pants!

She bent over and set her purse down beside her before reached up under her dress and pulling her panties all the way down and stepping out of them. She quickly stuffed them in to her purse and then stood back upright, took one last look around the street and then hiked up her dress to reveal her cleanly shaved pussy.

“That’s good Jessi, nice and clean, just hold it there for a moment…” he replied and then pulled his phone out and snapped a photo of her.

He put his phone away and then walked over to her and gentle pushed her hand that was holding her dress down so she could cover up once more.

“Can… can we go now Mark?” she said in a husky voice near to his ear.

“Sure Jessi, sure.” he replied and slipped his hand around her waist and placed his hand on her ass.

A shiver of pleasure ran though her, as she knew she’d finally get into his pants and she could be fully committed to him, just like she’d always wanted.