Julia looked over her shoulder and then turned to her three friends to the right of her and got their attention before turning back and looking at Jack.

Tammy smiled and giggled out loud, Tamara was more reserved and tried not to react, but Cindy smiled and tried to make eye contact with him.

All four of the friends had joined the gym a while ago, but it wasn’t until Jack showed up one day and Cindy had gushed about him that they had been coming regularly.

Jack was, well, Jack was hot. There was just no other way to say it. Toned, muscular, tall, and well dressed when he wasn’t working out. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks later that they had found out he also owned the gym and the chain it was a part of, and he was single.

Cindy, for her part, wasted no time after making eye contact and quickly bent over and reached down to grab her ankles. Tamara just turned away, embarrassed for her friend. Tammy, realizing she was too late, simply smiled and waved at him while Julia just rolled her eyes.

For his part Jack made his way over to them, a glowing smile on his face as always, “Ladies, how are you today?”

“We’re good Jack, just stretching out a bit.” Julia responded first.

“Oh yeah, like, really stretching out… giggle” Tammy replied and lunged deeply as she did.

Tammara’s face turned bright red and she looked away only to see Cindy turn towards Jack and give her breasts a little jiggle from side to side, “Yeah, we’re really getting things moving today…” Cindy said with her thousand watt smile.

“That’s great!” Jack replied and then reached in to his sweet pants pocket and pulled out several slips of paper.

“Would any of you be interested in some coupons for the new tanning beds I just had installed? The only ‘catch’ is that I’d like to interview each of you privately afterwards to get your opinion on the service and experience.”

Tammy and Cindy nearly tripped over each other as they almost ran over to Jack and held out there hands, “Sure!” they both said almost in unison before giving each other a dirty glance.

“Great, I really appreciate this.” Jack said and handed each of them a coupon before extending one to Julia. Julia gave a polite smile and took it from him.

“And you Tamara?”

“Oh… thank you Jack, yes please.”

“Well ladies I’ll let you get back to your workouts… enjoy.” Jack said, raising the remaining coupons to his temple and “saluting” them with them.

After he was out of earshot Cindy punched Tamara’s arm and let out a gasp, “He knows your name! Lucky girl!”

Tamara blushed even more and quickly went back to her stretching.

Julia handed her coupon to the woman at the counter and waited as she scanned it on the computer.

“Yep, a full one hour rub down and tanning session. I see there is a note here that Jack would like to see you afterwards?”

“Yeah, he mentioned that.” Julia said as she walked to the side of the desk the receptionist was seated at.

“Great, why don’t you go in to room C and I’ll send your masseuse in right away.”

“Thanks.” Julia replied and walked down the hall until she found room C and entered it. It was a nice room, well decorated with a massage table in the middle of it and a tanning bed along the fall wall. She quickly removed her clothing until she was down to just her bra and panties and then laid down on the table.

It was only a few minutes later that she heard the door open and the masseuse enter the room and start applying oil to her body.

Julia almost had trouble walking the couple of steps between the massage table and the tanning bed, her limbs felt like spaghetti the masseuse had done such a good job in relaxing her. With a little help she managed to make it and she laid down, not even noticing that she was completely naked, her bra and panties having been removed at some point by the masseuse.

Instead she just laid down and let the masseuse place the protective eye wear on her head and close the tanning bed over her.

A few moments later the lights came on, flashing in an odd pattern that cause her to furrow her brow for just a moment before what little stress was left in her body after the massage vanaished and she fell deeply in to the flashing patterns that reamined visible through the protective eye wear.

Tammara, Tammy, Julia, and Cindy stood up against the wall as Jack stood by the photographer and snapped another picture of the four friends.

Julia’s hands moved up to Cindy’s face and she guided her in close as she turned and their lips met, a passionate kiss shared between them.

The flash of the camera continued to go off as the four friends switched partners several times until Jack’s voice broke the silence.

“That’s great girls, we’ve got what we need.”

Julia smiled at Jack, and she knew her friends were doing the same thing. They’d already all done individual photo shoots as the others watched.

Cindy was the first to step forward towards Jack, but the rest of the quickly followed suit until they all surrounded him and laid their hands all over him.

“God Jack, that’s made me so horny, I could really use your cock buried in my pussy right about now.” Cindy said in a sultry voice.

“Don’t be silly Cindy. Jack wants to see me whip Tamara’s with this cat-o-nine tails while she sucks his cock. I promise she’ll make the most amazing little squeals with each lash.” Tamara, as usual blushed, but didn’t disagree either.

Julia just rolled her eyes, “Jack, let’s get serious here, wouldn’t you rather stick that big hard cock in my ass?”

Jack let out a chuckle, “Well girls, that all sounds tempting, but I think you know the answer don’t you?”

Julia looked over at her friends and watched the same disappointment that was on her face spread to theirs. All four of them nodded at almost the same time.

Jack was right of course, the photo shoot was a nice distraction, but all of them had clients waiting for them at the strip club that Jack owned on the other side of the city. The photo’s weren’t for the club though, instead Jack was branching out in to live streams that all four of them had eagerly agreed to participate in, including the weekly group stream.

“But don’t worry girls, if you’re numbers from the streams are good I promise I’ll drop by and reward each and every one of you.”

Julia smiled then stepped back and turned away from Jack, making sure to wiggle her ass as she walked back to the change room to get ready to leave. She’d already been telling all of her regulars at the club about her upcoming streams and she was looking forward to see what they might want her to do on them. Though she was really looking forward to their first group stream and what pairings they might want to see.