“What… what have you done to me?” Kim asked in a panic, though it didn’t come across in either her voice or her expression. Both seemed strangely hard to get to do what she wanted them to.

Even taking hold of a strand of her hair had been a challenge, her arm moving slowly up from her side until she managed to complete the action.

“Hmmm? Oh, well, that’s a complex question really. Would you like me to start with the obvious?” the man standing in front of her said as he looked at his tablet.

“The obvious… what else have you done?” she asked again in the same calm, flat tone.

“Well, let’s start with the external then. You’ve undergone several different procedures over the last few weeks. As you’ve clearly noticed we’ve applied a hair accelerant to your scalp to promote growth, which has added about… 12 inches? to your hair in that time.”

It was true, the last time she could remember her hair hadn’t even come to her shoulders.

“We’ve also done some work on your face; a little rhinoplasty, botox and fillers. Most obvious though are the lip fillers and permanent makeup.”

Kim could feel her lips being odd, she wondered what they looked like now.

“Moving downward, we’ve installed 1200 cc silicone, high profile implants, as well as a little bit of tucking around your waist. To finished you off, we’ve applied a permanent tan, which while you can’t see them at the moment, include a perfect set of tan lines.”

“You… you bastards…” she managed to get out.

“As for the internal items… well, they include significantly increased nerve counts in several strategic places, including; lips, nipples, clit, outer vaginal lips, inner vaginal walls, and your anus.”

Kim managed to part her lips far enough to actually gasp, “No… no… no!”, she even managed to get a little bit of inflection in the final word.

“Ah, and that brings us to the control chip that we installed in your skull. You’re feeling the effects of the ‘limiter’ function of it now. Basically it is suppressing most of your ability to control your own body, limiting your control to only the most basic of functions. However it has several other modes to it which can either grant more or less control depending upon the desired level by the operator.”

Kim was lost for words, no longer knowing even how to respond to what she was being told.

“So that’s what we’ve done to you so far. Right now I’m just testing the limiting function of the chip, the client is very interested to ensure this function works well. If you wouldn’t mind, would you tell me if you think it’s working well at the moment?”

Kim’s eyes widened, “Working well? Working WELL? WORKING WELL?” she managed to say in some semblance of outrage, though it still sounded flat and unconvincing.

“You bastards, I’m going to kill you when I figure out how to get around this thing.”

The man smiled and checked off something on his tablet, “Good, the readings indicate you’re truly outraged and angry, yet your voice hardly raised about a conversational level. It looks like the limiter calibration is perfect.”

Kim’s mouth just hung open a little as she realized she’d played right in to his hands.

“Good, now let’s flip you back in to standard operating mode and take you through your paces…” the man said and then swiped several times on his tablet and then click on something. As soon as he did Kim felt a strange sensation in her mind as a blinding white flash filled her eyes.

Kim blinked several times an then saw the man standing in front of her. A smile crossed her lips, “Oh, hello there! giggle“, she said.

“Hello there yourself. I’m John, what’s your name?” the man said.

“Oh gosh, like Kim, but you can totally call me Kimmi if you like. giggle

“I do like, Kimmi.”

Kim giggled again and twirled her hair between her fingers as a shiver of pleasure ran though her, he liked her name and that was amazing.

“So Kimmi, can you tell me about yourself?” John asked.

“Oh my god yes! Like, I’m just the biggest bimbo slut you’ve ever met! giggle

“Is that so? Well what makes you the biggest bimbo slut?”

giggle Like, cause, I looooove to suck cock! And I have the totally biggest fake boobies! And, like, I’ll let anyone fuck my needy little pussy! giggle

“That does sound like it would make you a bimbo slut, but what if I was to ask you to suck my cock?”

giggle Like, you don’t have to ask baby… giggle” Kim replied as she sunk to her knees and her fingers parted the lab coat of the man to reveal his hardening shaft and Kim quickly took it between her lips.

Evaluation notes:

Limiter mode, trophy wife mode, bondage slut mode, and sex doll mode are all within tolerances.

Ongoing evaluation of bimbo slut mode is recommended, there are slight variants that need to be investigated, especially as the clients request is very detailed.

I’ve scheduled a recalibration for tomorrow morning and will retest the unit in the afternoon. I recommend a second recalibration after that to ensure compliance with the clients request.

John hit the save button on the update as he looked down at Kim, a stupid grin across her face along with his cum as she lazily licked at it.

The report was false of course, Kim was well within tolerances, but it wasn’t usual for staff to take two or three extra days with highly detailed request and he saw no reason not to take advantage of a few extra days with Kim.