Amanda looked back as the cart pulled up behind her and inwardly she rolled her eyes, she’d seen him hitting on the cart girls even before he’d teed off. He was also notorious around the club for hitting on anything that moved. Strangly though, no one complained and many had taken him up on the offers he’d made.

She’d been lucky enough over the years to never actually meet him, but now it seemed unavoidable.

“Hey toots! Want to *play* together?” he said in the most demeaning way he could and emphasized the double entendre.

She wanted to say no, but knew it was only proper golf etiquette to say yes and even more so with how busy the course was these days. Having two singles in a row added a lot of time to everyone else’s rounds as well.

She let out a little sigh and tried to smile a bit, “Ok, I guess. I’m Amanda.”

“Great! I’m Xavier. I’ve heard quite a bit about you around the club and was beginning to think I’d never actually meet you!” he said, walking up and extending his hand.

She shook it and then turned to grab her driver. She wasn’t surprised he’d heard of her, she had almost made it on to the pro circuit a few years ago and was well know around the area.

They both walked up to the tee box and he motioned for her to go ahead. She setup and let a drive rip down the middle of the fairway.

“That’s a nice drive babe.” Xavier said in what she thought was real admiration.

“Thanks.” she replied as she stepped away and he setup his own drive. Striking it well, but landing 50 or 60 yards behind her ball.

They both drove off and finished up the hole, with her making a birdie and him a bogey.

They drove around to the next tee block and walked up on to it, “Hey, you ever play for money sugar?”

She rolled her eyes this time as she was facing away from him, she’d wondered how long he’d wait to bring up the subject, everyone knew of his gambling habit on the course.

“Sometimes, if the sakes are right.” she replied, turning to face him.

“Well how about a driving contest then. I you out drive me here I’ll give you $500. If I out drive you, you’ll give me… your panties.”

She’d expected as much, the sleaze ball wasn’t one to beat around the bush, “Make it $1000.”

“Done! You have the honours…” he replied, waving his hand towards the tees.

She smiled to herself, knowing it was going to be easy money. She placed her tee and ball, lined up and started her swing, about half way through a sudden jolt of electricity ran down her spine and buried itself in her pussy, causing her to jump up and top the ball. She watched it in horror as it skidded down the dirt, landing just in the very beginning of the fairway.

“Ogh! That was and ugly stroke for such a pretty lady.,,” he said, shaking his head as he walked up and set himself up to hit. A moment later she watched his ball sail by her own and land down the fairway.

“Damn it…” she swore under her breath, “Ok, just hang on a sec.” she said and walked back to her cart, then around to the other side to block his view before reaching under her skirt and pulling her panties down.

When he walked over towards his own cart, she handed them to him with a scowl on her face.

* * *

Amanda’s bra was in Xavier’s hand and she couldn’t understand what was going on. She’d been flailing around the hole, going left and then right and then left again until she’d finally had to admit that she was losing the bet… again! It was the now constant buzzing in her pussy that was driving her to distraction but it always seemed to subside as she finished a hole.

“Ah, a matched set! Very nice honey.” Xavier said and she fumed.

“Yeah, yeah… look, I want those back so let’s go big on this next hole. If I win I get both back and if you win…”

“You’ll play topless for the rest of the round?”

Her mouth dropped open in shock, she had been going to suggest she give him a quick flash, but he’d butted in before she could and for some reason she didn’t think he’d go for anything less now.

“Alright, fine!” she replied as she stormed up to the tee box with a iron, put her tee and ball down and took a swing. She watched it sail off to the right in to the deep desert as her knees almost buckled out from under her as the buzzing in her pussy returned with a vengeance.

Xavier just chuckled and casually hit a ball on to the green of the short par three.

* * *

Amanda’s nipples were hard, her pussy was throbbing, and her knees were almost knocking as she stood over the put, completely naked with Xavier looking on with a wolfish grin.

She had a chance to finally win a hole, all she had to do was sink the six foot putt she had to the pin. Of course the problem was that the only think on her mind at the moment was the blowjob she was going to owe Xavier if she lost this hole too!

At least it would be a tie if she could get it done in two putts and they’d carry on to the next hole, but she tried to not think about that and instead focused on the putt at hand. She brought her putter head back and released it, another jolt in her pussy causing her arm to twitch and sent the ball to the left. But even worse, it caused her to hit it harder than she had wanted to and she watched the putt roll 2, 3, 4, then 6 feet by the hole until it caught the false front of the gree and accelerate down to the fairway.

She let out a moan, half from depression, half from the buzzing that was finally starting to recede now that she had no chance of winning the hole.

* * *

Amanda putted out on the eighteenth green with a sigh of resignation, Xavier had won all of the holes they’d gambled on and now it was time to pay up. She walked over to the side of the green where he was standing and dropped to her knees and started the blowjob, his dick was large and pushed all the way back in to her throat, but she took every inch of it as he held her head still.

If she had thought the buzzing in her pussy had been intense during the round, it was a hundred times worse now. She eagerly went up and down his shaft as one of her free hands slipped between her legs. She was lost in pleasure and only came around when he pulled her off and held her back.

She looked up in desperation, but instantly knew it was time. She stood up, grabbing the putter she had dropped at the start of the blowjob, turned around, spread her legs and leaned forward, using the putter to stabilize herself.

She felt him slide in to her pussy and she cried out in pleasure, loud enough for the entire course to hear, or at least it seemed that way to her.


He pounded her pussy and slapped her ass as she continued to cry out degrading and humiliating things until she felt him pull out, grab her hair and pull her back down on to her knees.

She grabbed his dick and pumped it until the first shots of cum flew from it’s tip and on to her face. She didn’t stop until every last drop was plastered across her smiling visage.

“See? I told you I’d give you something to wear with pride if I won the last hole. Now if you want a rematch, I have a round on Friday at 10.” he said and did up his pants before walking towards the club house.

Amanda let out a little giggle, her head swirling in pleasure and need, “Ok Xavier… see you then *giggle*”

She manage to stand up before the next group chipped on to the green and make her way in to the club house, still naked, Xavier’s cum all over her face. As she went to her locker, she threw on a spare set of clothes and then headed to her car.

Friday worked fine for her and she had the cutest little outfit she could wear, without any underwear of course.

She looked in to her review mirror before backing up, the cum still on her face and she licked a small bit of it from above her lip. Then an exciting thought popped in to her head, Xavier had won 6 holes today, what would it be like when he won a full 18 holes on Friday?

Amanda couldn’t wait to find out.