“Hey Stew, do you think this set is ok for tonight?” Rene asked as she stood in the doorway to the laundry of my apartment.

We’d been friends forever and when she’d fallen on hard times a few months ago I agreed to let her move in until she could get back on her feet. At least that’s what I’d told her, she certainly didn’t have any idea of my real plans or she would never have moved in at all.

Rene had always been the most beautiful girl I knew, since we attended high school and even when we’d gone to the same university. She’d gone through for a social sciences major, while I’d gone through for a hard science degree. When the economy had collapsed her work had dried up while mine had thrived.

“Look good Rene… but…” I said and stepped over to her, placing my hands on her hips and turning her around and then gently pushing on her back so she leaned forward and away from me.

“No.. yeah… perfect.” I said and gave her ass a little slap.

She let out a giggle and stood upright again, turned around and wrapped her arms around me, giving me a hug, “Awe, thanks!” she said and moaned every so softly.

She broke the hug after a moment and then skipped away back to the spare room where she’d been staying since she moved in. It was hard to contain my joy to only the broad smile across my face, but I managed it somehow.

I had once, just after high school, made a move on Rene and she’d shut me down, putting me firmly in the friends zone ever since. I was still in it technically, though it was moving quickly to the friends with benefits zone and she still didn’t realize it.

The equipment I’d installed in the box spring of her bed had been working on her mind for months and the results were definitely showing. Though not all of them in the way I expected.

For example, while she was now comfortable showing off her body to me, like walking around my apartment in lingerie, she was dressing up because of the date she had tonight.

In my eagerness to get in to a physical relationship with her, I’d made a mistake, thinking that if I just turned up her libido and reduced her inhibitions towards me, that she’d be in my bed in no time. Well relatively no time, reprogramming a mind wasn’t like setting up your DVR, it took time for new patterns and thoughts to settle in.

Instead, while I’d certainly had many enjoyable nights listening to her masturbate quite loudly in her room, her focus had turned to dating other men, not me, about two weeks ago.

I’d realized my mistake and made a correction, but she was still another week away for being back on track… maybe two. The problem was that after many of these dates, she didn’t sleep in her own bed, the equipment couldn’t do it’s job if she wasn’t there.

I let out a sigh and turned to head back to my computer, I’d waited this long, what was another week or two really?