“OMG baby… look who I totally found!” Lola texted with the attached photo of herself and Addy.

A moment later a reply came in to Lola’s phone, “God damn, I thought I’d lost her for good this time. Make sure she stays there, I’m on my way.”

Lola giggled and then put her phone in her purse and turned around and hugged Abby, their lips meeting and tongues intertwining.

Eventually they broke it off and both giggled for a bit while they pushed their tits together.

“Like, Donny’s on his way! Oh my god, I can’t wait!” Lola almost squealed.

“Ci, Abby not suck Donny’s cock in long time! Abby can’t wait!”

Lola and Abby had been best friends, inseparable really, at one time. And they still kinda were, though they had been separated for several months time time. But it was different now, once they’d meet Donny, well their friendship didn’t mean as much as his cock did.

Lola quivered at the thought of Donny’s cock, and the fact that it was on the way. While Abby hadn’t seen his cock in months, it had still been over a week since the last time Lola had it as well.

Lola noticed Abby start to get distracted and decided she need to keep her busy until Donny arrived, so she grabbed her friends hand and dragged her back in to the depths of the change room where no one else would see them.

With one quick motion Lola pulled her dress off and sat down on the lonely chair, spreading her legs wide, “Like, welcome back Abby!”

Abby giggled as she dropped to her her knees and buried her face between Lola’s legs. Lola’s mind drifted, as it often did when she had her friends tongue playing with her clit, back to the days before the two of them had been the big titted bimbo sluts they were today.

It was before they had met Donny, before they had their big fake tits, before they were strippers, before they were bisexual, before all they wanted to do was suck and fuck every cock they saw.

She let out a giggle and moan as Abby flicked her clit, “Oh god Abby, I totally missed you!”

That was the problem with Abby though, while Lola had been a doctor, Abby had just been a receptionist at her practice. Whatever Donny had done to them seemed to effect them both equally, so while Lola had become a ditzy bimbo, Abby… well Abby could hardly keep focused on anything that wasn’t shaped like a dick.

Which meant that if Lola didn’t keep an eye on her, she had a tendency to “wander” off with the first guy she could find. The last time it hadn’t been Lola’s fault at all, in fact Donny even admitted it was his, for not locking the door to his place after fucking Abby and turning over and falling asleep.

Abby had gotten up and wandered outside, to be lost once more. It was just good luck that Abby had found her way back to the strip club and Lola had been there.

Lola reached down and slowed Abby’s licking down, she was getting too close to an orgasm and she didn’t know how long it would take Donny to get there. Though, really, if she did cum all that meant was that she’d have to swap places, and that was the next best thing to having Donny’s dick in her mouth anyway.

She let out a giggle and took her hand off of Abby’s head and she instantly started speeding up again and all Lola could wonder was how many orgasms the two of them could have before Donny arrived.