Being a sex doll wasn’t as bad as Veronica had thought it would be really. Ok, yeah sure, she still had to fuck any guy that wanted to and the recovery from all the surgery had been grueling, but she couldn’t really complain about the pleasure and orgasms.

Sure, if she’d had a choice in the matter it wouldn’t have been what she would have done, but after being kidnapped from her condo’s parking garage and spirited away to another city, the options could have been worse.

She still wasn’t sure why they’d targeted her, it wasn’t like she was a celebrity or anything. Nor did she have enemies to speak of, at least not any with the kind of clout that would have been required for this.

Then again, perhaps she’d just been in the wrong place at the wrong time, or some karma coming back from a past life. In the end, it didn’t matter.

They’d scooped her up, taken her away and even been relatively forthcoming in telling her what was going to happen, at least once they had her secured to the operating table.

There were two doctors that had worked on her, the first a plastic surgeon that had done her tits and lips, the other a neurosurgeon that had implanted the chip in her head. The neurosurgeon had been quite proud of his accomplishment, enthusing about how the chip would make her in to the perfect sex doll for the cartel’s clients.

She had never seen him again after she woke up from the surgeries, but she had seen the plastic surgeon who was just as enthusiastic about his work every time he came to check on it.

It was weird waking up with the chip in her head, at first it was just like a background buzz that wouldn’t go away and they had secured her to her bed to make sure she didn’t escape. But as time went on the buzzing grew louder and louder until she thought she was going to lose her mind.

Then it stopped. It was just gone, but she immediately noticed something strange. Before it had stopped, all she could think about was escaping, getting away, leaving and running to the cops.

Afterwards? Nothing. She could still remember wanting those things, but for the life of her she couldn’t think of why she would. Staying in the bed was the right thing to do at that moment and there was no reason to leave it.

And that how it had been since. When the Doctor came in the next time she calmly asked if he could remove the restraints and he had. She had passively sat there and let him examine her, listening intently to everything he said and the instructions he had for her.

By the end of the week she was up and walking around, even doing some simple exercises in the small gym that was across the hall from her room. When the Doctor pronounced her ready for normal activity, another man came and collected her, taking her away from the facility and dropping her off at the brothel that she still called home.

Another handler had gotten her ready over the next few days and she could still remember what it would feel like, to be used like an object for some man’s pleasure. She didn’t have to wait long and the memory of that first time still sent shivers of pleasure through her.

She wasn’t sure if that was the chip, or just her own reaction to the massive amounts of pleasure she felt, let alone the earth shattering orgasms that had followed.

She let out a sigh just before the door to her room opened and she smiled at the man that entered. It was one of her regulars Jason, he was relatively low on the cartel’s ladder, but he was going places, and he’d taken a special interest in her.

Her dropped by at least twice a week, sometimes more. He enjoyed fucking her tits and then cumming on her face, though he sometimes just fucked her face instead. Every once in a while he’d fuck her pussy or ass, but those weren’t too often.

Fortunately for her, they all resulted in the same pleasure and orgasms for her. After all, she was a sex doll, and sex dolls were happy when used no matter how that might be.