“Like, um, can you help me?” the blonde with the tits that seemed to defy gravity asked as I walked towards her.

As soon as I arrived in front of her she started to play with her hair and I could see her nipples harden and start to poke through the thin white material of her top.

“Ugh… I don’t know… what do you need?” I asked, my eyes having a hard time not focusing on her tits.

“Oh gosh, like, I’m totally lost…” she replied, swiveling her head around from side to side before pouting at me.

Before I could respond, the phone in her pocket started to go off and she seemed to ignore it, “Shouldn’t you get that?” I asked.

She giggled and then reached in to her pocket and pulled the phone out. It suddenly occurred to me that with her phone, how could she really be lost?

Before before I could ask she stuck the phone out towards me, “Like, gosh, I just can’t seem to work it…”

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes and took the phone and answered it before handing it back to her.

“Oh my gawd, like hi! giggle” she almost shouted in to the phone due to her excitement, “Like, no… I’m totally lost! giggle But there is a nice man here who’s helping me… ok, yeah, sure!”

She handed me the phone and smiled, “Like, he wants to talk to you…”

I took the phone and held it to my ear, “Hello?”

“Hey, this is John, what’s your name?”


“Great, look Steve, Tammi there is in a real bind, where are you exactly?”

I quickly gave him the major intersection that was just around the corner, “Shit, I’m already 20 minutes away. Can I ask a favour Steve?”

“Sure, I guess.”

“Well you might have noticed that Tammi is a complete airhead, not two brain cell in there to rub together so to speak. I’ve got an important meeting to get to, would you mind taking her somewhere safe and looking after her for a while until I can get back?”

I looked up at Tammi, who was still playing with her hair, but had started rocking her upper body from side to side and bitting her lower lip as her eyes were fixed on my crotch.

“Oh, and perhaps I should mention that Tammi is very… friendly. I’m sure she’d show you just how friendly and grateful she is for your help in a very… satisfying way.”

“Ho… how long would you be?” I asked, gulping a little at the start.

“Oh, no more than two hours I’m sure. Though I could be a little longer if you thought you need more time to be satisfied with her.”

“No! No, two hours would be fine.”

“Thanks man, I really appreciate this. Just give the phone back to Tammi for a moment if you don’t mind.”

“Yeah, sure.” I said and handed the phone back to her. Her eyes rose up to it and she held it against her head once more.

“Oh sure baby, you bet! Steve seems like a totally cool guy! giggle” she said and then put the phone back in her pocket and moved over right next to me.

“So, like John says you’re gonna take care of me for a while. giggle That sounds awesome!”

I just smiled and nodded and took her arm and started walking back to my place, not sure what was going on but unwilling to jinx it by asking too many questions.

Tammy was screaming at the top of her lungs inside of her own head as externally she giggled and let Steve wrap his arm around her and place his hand on her ass.

She had almost gotten away!

Why hadn’t she chucked the phone as soon as she’d managed to slip away from John?

Now it was too late, she’d be “thanking” Steve with her body for the next few hours and then John would arrive and take her away once more. She had no doubt he’d “block” this escape method just as he had the half dozen others she’d attempted.

That was the most infuriating thing about the chip that was in her head, it wasn’t just some one and one rewrite of her brain, John could update it. Each time she did something he didn’t like, bam, a quick update and she could no longer do it.

This time they’d been out in public and in a crowded area, when she’d been separated from him for a moment due to the throng of people, she’d taken her opportunity and moved as quickly as she could away from him. She was sure that later that day when they were back at his house he’d be updating the chip once more, probably making it so that when she was separated from him in public she stayed in place.

But the thing that was mostly on her mind at the moment was the phone. Had her oversight in disposing of it been an honest mistake? Or was it part of the programming that John had installed in the chip?

The thing that was bothering her most about it though was the possibility that she’d been under the chips control long enough that she hadn’t wanted to get rid of the phone. It had been getting harder and harder to think of escape lately, the orgasms and pleasure the rocked her body each time John fucked her was slowly eating away at her resolve. That and the constant inability to actually do anything meaningful to resist him.

She sighed in her own mind and pushed those thoughts out, there was no point dwelling on them as they would be leaving of their own accord soon enough. The moment Steve and her were alone the chip would send her libido in to overdrive, she would be sucking and fucking him with every fiber of her being.

A shiver of pleasure ran through her as her thoughts turned to Steve’s dick in her mouth, between her tits and in her pussy, she knew she’d soon be cumming hard and that it would have little to do with the chip and her own growing need to be the airheaded fuck doll that John had started her on the path to being.