Margret looked in the mirror and snapped a selfie, mostly just to make sure her eyes weren’t deceiving her. She’d woken up a few hours ago and found herself in a completely different body.

Panic hadn’t set in though, in fact she was calm throughout the experience and had been trying to figure out what was happening since she’d awoken.

There was the obvious weirdness, like how she knew the passcode to “her” phone and where everything was in “her” apartment. Alone with other memories that informed her life.

But she could also remember living on the other side of the country, working as an engineer, and being married to her husband who was the CEO of the firm she worked at.

Those memories though were… harder… to access. Like her new life was trying to force its way to the front of her mind and pushing the other memories to the side.

Then there were the urges.

Like when she’d felt the compulsion to change out of her sleepwear and in to the lingerie she was wearing now. At first it had started just as a feeling that there was something she was supposed to be doing. It had grown over about an hour or so until it had forced it’s way to the front of her mind and she’d quickly changed, ignoring all the other things she should have been doing.

She could feel a new urge bubbling up inside of her, she had recognized it when she’d been getting the lingerie and a quick search of her new memories found what clothing she should be putting on. She let out a sigh and went over to the closet and pulled out a suitable outfit, a simple white shirt and black pants, along with a set of flats.

By the time she finished putting them on the urge to leave the apartment, and “go to work”, was well on it’s way to being a compulsion as well.

She had just a little time to ponder what was happening, was “Mia”, the original owner of this body, on the other side of the country having similar thoughts? What had caused the two of them to swap bodies? Had Mia caused the swap to happen?

She searched her new memories but found no answers and many gaps. It was almost like when Mia had left this body she’d left behind the memories that Margret would need to take over her life. Likewise, Margret was missing the memories that she would have needed to navigate her old life as well.

Margret checked herself over one last time in the mirror and headed out to work, which was a minimum wage job cleaning a large office building downtown.

Margret was tired and sore after a long day of work, she’d been mostly on “auto-pilot”, letting the memories and urges just guide her along without fighting them, and it had felt… good. Somehow she knew it shouldn’t have, that her engineering background should have been insulting at doing such menial work, but once she’d gotten in to the grove of work, she hadn’t thought about her old life at all.

She went to submit her time card in it’s slot and found a note waiting there for her, “Come see me before you leave.”, was all it said and Margret just let Mia’s memories guide her towards her managers office. Margret wasn’t sure how much it was the tiredness, or the desire to get home, or the tiny bit of happiness she had each time she did it, but she just zoned out and let the urges guide her.

When she closed the door to Jason’s office behind her, she’d let her hands unbutton her blouse and discarded it, and the same with her pants. Soon she was stripped down to the red lingerie she’d admired in the mirror that morning. Then she was on her knees between Jason’s legs. Then her lips were around his cock and she was sucking him off.

Something in the back of her mind was screaming at her to fight it, but it just felt too good to let go and not think about fighting it.

She knew this was how Mia had gotten the job in the first place, how Jason had made it clear it was how she was going to keep her job, how it was doubly humiliating to Margret as she was so overqualified for Jason’s job let alone Mia’s.

Slowly those thoughts were fainter and fainter as Margret bobbed her head up and down Jason’s shaft. When he came in her mouth she held it there and pulled off his shaft, then opened her mouth and showed him his load before swallowing it.

“Mmmm… thank you Jason, I love the taste of your cum.” Margret said even before the urge could fully form and her whole body shivered as a small orgasm came over her.

Margret got dressed and cleaned up as quickly as she could and then rushed back to the apartment. She hoped Mia had a dildo or a vibrator because she needed to masturbate so badly, and that wasn’t some urge being forced upon her.

The humiliation of being a low skilled, minimum wage working, who had to suck cock to keep her job was a fantasy come true. She needed to masturbate her old life away as quickly as possible and hoped that whatever had done this wouldn’t undo it.