Leanna scrolled through her social media on her phone as she laid on the bed, mostly naked, waiting.

It was one of the few things they let her do here, and she was pretty sure it wasn’t out of the kindness of their hearts. Deep down she knew it was something on the device that was controlling her, not just the messages that flashed on it once in a while to trigger something.

But she couldn’t stop using it either, whenever she put it down for even a few minutes she felt a creeping dread that got worse and worse until she picked it back up.

A new message on her social media popped up and she instantly read it, it was a dick pic with the message, “Would love to slide it between those magnificent tits of yours.”

Her fingers flew across the keyboard in reply, “Gosh, are you gonna cum on them too? I love licking cum off my tits!”

She hit send and then continued scrolling through her feed until the screen turned solid blue for a second before displaying the single word “lust” across the screen.

She let out a moan and her hand flew to her pussy after quickly setting the phone down beside herself on the bed. It was only a moment later when the door to the room opened and a man in a rob entered.

“Oh god baby, I need a cock so bad!” she half moaned as she looked at him smiling down on her.

He opened his rob and his dick popped out, she gasped and rolled over on to all fours and crawled over to him, quickly wrapping her lips around his dick and sucking in to to her mouth.

He didn’t last long, fucking her mouth for a few minutes and then turning her around and fucking her doggy style. She cried out in lust with each thrust and orgasmed hard when she felt him fill her with his cum.

After he left, she made her way quickly to the bathroom and showered and cleaned up before returning to the bed and picking up her phone. There were several messages on it, including a reply from the man she had replied to earlier.

She replied to them all, eagerly telling each and everyone of them how much she wanted them to come see her as soon as possible.

She let out a sigh when she had a moment to herself, knowing that soon enough another flash of blue would come across the screen and the door would open once more. She had no idea how they had “infected” her phone, or whatever they had done, but it didn’t matter any more.

She was addicted to it. Not the phone, or the blue messages, but to the orgasms that came each time she performed for the men that visited her. She would have eagerly done whatever they wanted her to, just by them telling her what they wanted. But the messages made it easier, she never had to guess what they wanted, how to please them, what to do, the messages told her everything she needed to tod and so she laid on the bed anticipating the next one and wondering how they would make her cum this time.