“Lindsy, get over here and show Jason your body.” Kent called from the other side of the pool and Lindsy immediately turned towards him and started to remove her top as she walked towards the two men sitting at the table.

When she got there she made sure to face away from Jason so as she bent over to remove her bottoms, he got a good view of her ass. When she stood back up, she turned several times, posing in various positions, showing off every inch of her body.

“As you can see, she’s fully compliant with commands, as are all of my targets once I’m through with them.”

Jason furrowed his brow before speaking, “Do I… do I know her from somewhere?” he asked.

“Perhaps… Lindsy, tell Jason who you were before becoming my pool girl.”

Lindsy smiled and slipped her sunglasses off, folding them and hanging them from the small thread that was strung between her tits before spoking softly, “Of course. I’m Lindsy Bower, before Kent showed me the error of my ways, I was an up and coming attorney in the DA’s office. You might have seen me on the news when I co-ordinated a raid of a dozen massage parlors across the city for prostitution.”

Jason raised an eyebrow and whistled, “Damn, I knew I recognized her, but I’d never have figured it out by myself. I mean Lindsy Bower was the must stuck up, self righteous, conservative bitch I’ve ever seen.”

“You are right of course, but Kent has shown me how wrong I was. How sex isn’t a bad thing at all, in fact, it’s the most important thing in the world to a slut like me. I find it so hard to believe that I used to hide my body and deny men the pleasure of seeing it, let alone fucking it. I’m so grateful to Kent, I was only too happy to quite my job and move in to his mansion as a pool girl.”

Kent smiled, “And would you like to suck Jason’s cock Lindsy?”

“Of course I would, he’s a man and he has a cock, so of course I want to have it between my lips. And maybe… if he’d like to, he can even fuck me with it too.”

Jason shook his head from side to side a few times before speaking again, “And you can do this with Jennifer… make her this compliant?”

“Of course, my techniques work on even the most pig headed bitches out there. By the time I’m done with your wife she’ll be begging you to forget all about the divorce she wanted and instead fuck her silly. Or, if you’d rather have her as an ex-wife without any of the mess and cost of a high profile divorce, I can do that as well. Really, the options are limitless for you.”

“Yes, I can see that. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first, and your price is pretty steep, but you’ve convinced me.”

“Good. You can transfer the money in to my account on Monday when the banks open and then we can arrange for me to pay Jennifer a visit. Once you figure out exactly what you want her to be of course.”

“Of course, of course.” Jason replied, clearly already deep in consideration of what he might want.

“I’d suggest you take a couple of weeks at least to mull it over, unless there is a rush for some reason. Make sure you don’t do something in the short term, try and think long term. I mean, you can always pay me to do an update on her later, but as you said, the cost is steep.”

“Thanks, I will.” Jason replied and Kent could see the hunger in his eyes while still looking at Lindsy’s body.

“Lindsy, why don’t you take Jason to the pool house and give him a full tour of your body.”

Lindsy smiled and reached down and took hold of Jason’s hand, pulling him up from the chair, “Of course, I’d be only too happy too!”, and the two of them walked away to the other end of the pool.

Kent smiled as he knew Jason would only be the first of his group of friend that would come to him. This was the hardest part, transitioning between generation. Finding the next group of rich assholes that wanted trophy wives but found them too high maintenance once they did. Once he found his way in though, well, the rest was easy. Jason would eventually mention it to one of his friends, and then another, and another, and soon he’d have a new stream of clients coming in door.

Which was just in time really, when Lindsy had wiped out his massage parlour chain it had really put a dent in his cash flow. And maintaining the mansion and his lifestyle wasn’t cheep!

It wasn’t long before he heard grunting coming from the pool house, and he let out a small chuckle, it was only fitting that Lindsy would spent the next few years helping him rebuild what she’d taken from him. It made it doubly fitting since the DA dropped by every week or so for a swim and ensure that none of his businesses would be targeted in the future.